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Enterprise .net toolkit

January 22nd, 2007

Great read!

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OSS on MS land

December 11th, 2006

This seems to be a hot topic today. Jeremy Miller raises some points:

I think the lack of innovation from the .Net community is extremely disappointing. We hurt ourselves By limiting .Net innovation to Redmond and Java leftovers. I’d really just like to see more of an attitude of “we can do it ourselves” rather than having tunnel vision on Redmond.

I partially agree with that. First, there’s nothing wrong with porting, as long as the port is clever enough to make use of what .net has to offer (a very decent API, attributes, type emission to name a few). MonoRail started as a port of RoR’s ActionPack. In time it developed it’s own identity and set of features that makes it unique. From time to time we still look on inspiration on RoR, as it’s just the smart thing to do as RoR is surrounded by smart people the same way Castle – fortunatelly – is.

Second, the companies and developers are to blame. The Java community is reactive. If Sun comes up (as they did) with _the way to do -insert anything here-_ and if medicine tastes bad, they will work around that. That’s how Spring was born, as Enterprise Java applications shouldn’t be so complex (read EJB). That’s also why there are so many web and desktop frameworks on Java land. They have many itches to scratch.

If MS comes with an odd, bizarre, ugly way to do something (CAB anyone?) people is going to use it. Yes, company will fully embrace it because some MS marketing brochure said it’s a good thing. On the MS side of the fence, both programmers and companies just don’t buy the idea of using something that is not in a box with the MS logo on it, “Too risky to use those hippie’s software!”, unless it’s something marginal.

Is it a cultural problem? Partially. But some is based on some very practical consequences. I’ve heard that MS consulting service just wouldn’t assist you (your company) if you have used something different from what MS encourages (read dictate). So if you’re using a Web Framework and transactions aren’t working, even though those are completely unrelated things, you’re on your own to fix it. No matter how ‘mission critical’ your app is.

Now companies that have been on Java land, like Thoughtworks, have a different mentality. This is great and I hope they are able to evangelize and demonstrate how OSS can help delivering projects in less time and with a better quality.

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Gentoo is not for kids

October 9th, 2006

I had an old friend here at home yesterday teaching me how to install gentoo. There are more than a dozen steps involved, including the kernel configuration and compilation. In the very end you reboot it and cross your fingers. We had a nice kernel panic error, but as he is a linux expert he was able to fix it in five seconds.

I enjoyed the experience, and tried to install it in a virtual machine, using VmWare as a sandbox. Didn’t work but I blame my experiments with the kernel configuration. Gonna try again tomorrow.

While some can see this as a waste of time I see it as using parts of your brain that have been sleeping for long time. I have this OS itchy to scratch for a long time. I wanted to run Mac OS Tiger but damn, those machines are too expensive here, so I think I can be happy with Gentoo, KDE and XL. I want to give Mono a new try (last time I used it was in 2002 and I didnt have a good impression). In the end I want that feeling you get when you are giving the first steps in a new field, and you’re not sure where to go, how to do basic things, and especially how to solve problems. I’m sure geeks out there know what I’m talking about.

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