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August 14th, 2008

I’ve created a blog to focus on the MS related stuff. Gonna keep this one for Castle related stuff. Not sure what to do when things overlap, probably cross-post.

Anyway, check

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Joining Microsoft

July 16th, 2008

Long time readers of this blog (all four of you) wont find it difficult to remember my usual posts on my birthdays. Always a time to stop, reflect and setting goals. Well, another birthday came, I’m 29 now, and starting a new chapter in my life. I’m joining Microsoft and relocating to the North hemisphere.

I’m sure you have many questions. I’m going to put some effort in answering the ones I can anticipate.


Many reasons. First of all, meeting Scott Guthrie and talking to Brad Abrams made me realize those guys are just as fanaticts about technology as I am. They want to create things that rocks, and so do I.

You probably remember the many times that I’ve made public my disagreement with MS, the .Net team, the ASP.Net team and even the virtualization team. I’m still carrying these disagreements, my beliefs haven’t shifted a bit. The difference is that from now on I will have a chance to make a difference, to tell people what – in my view – is wrong and how it could be fixed, directly.

I’m joining MS with nothing but respect to those guys — as I love .net and it is my platform of choice, and the same is true to most of you reading this — and have felt the same respect from them. IMHO respect is the foundation of a good relationship.

Secondly, having a company (Castle Stronghold) is great – you can set different directions, invest time, money and whatnot on what you think is best, you can see things florishing (or not). That being said, I shall add that sometimes it’s a nightmare. It’s definitely not cool when a client tells you they are broken and can’t pay you. And that is just a tiny bit of the stress and aggravation associted with running a business. It was a great opportunity to realize that I have friends in many countries that came with projects to help us. Won’t _ever_ forget.

The decision wasn’t easy. After getting the formal proposal the ‘what if..’s started to pop up. I had lunches and dinners with friends that have been working for MS. The goods and bads were discussed to exhaustion. I decided in favor as it would be an enriching experience. I’m also sure it will be a shocking experience, coming from such a small company that I’ve founded, where things are fast, big decisions are taken within hours; to the largest software company in the west coast… Yeah, that scares me.. a lot.

And the decision didn’t come without its price. I will be very very far away from my extended family, which I visit at least once every week — will now be once in an year, perhaps? And far away from my friends.. Also means the end of a long-lasting relationship which in itself is painfully enough.

On the other side is the start of a whole new experience that I’m sure is going to change me deeply.

What are you going to do there?

If you have listened this podcast you know what the community expects from MS. I like to think I’m joining to help solve the problems pointed there.

Formally I’m joining as a Program Manager on the MEF team. I would love (and expect) to participate in several fronts, though, as any member on the DevDiv.

What happens to Castle?

That was a delicate subject to me, but surprinsingly it wasn’t a problem to them. I got a written permission to keep working on Castle as much as I want. So nothing changes…

What happens to Donjon?

The guys at Stronhold will keep improving it and soon release it. I wont be able to keep working on it. I’m sure it will rock!

What happens to Castle Stronghold?

Albeit I was the frontman at CS, there’s a handful of talented people there. For the first time we were lucky hiring a junior developer – I couldn’t believe myself – and I’m positive the company will have a great future.

I’m going to have a small share of the company, but wont be involved anymore. Stronghold also just had a share sold to one of our clients, I’ll release details soon once it gets signed.

That’s all. My start date is August 11th, so expect a few more posts on donjon and related stuff here until there.

Wish me luck and see you at Canada.

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