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Laptop upgrade?

September 21st, 2008

My MBP is about an year and a half old, which is nothing for say, a car.. but meaningful for computers. Since then I’ve upgraded memory (to 3gb) and HD (to a hitashi 200gb 7200rpm). But there’s nothing more I can do: memory is limited to 3gb on my MBP generation. Processor is non-”upgradable”.

Mine is 2.33 GHz. On Apple store there’s a 2.5 and 2.6 (add $250) ghz models – doesn’t seem much of an upgrade for the investment. Getting one with equivalent configuration (plus hi-def screen) will cost me $3,299.00 CAD – IMHO a lot of money for no substantial gain. And there’s always that feeling that once you buy it, next morning Apple is going to announce its new MBP line.

James seems to be doing the same research. He liked the T500. Well, MS gave me that very laptop. It is fast but also has like a hundred leds blinking on your face. Small screen that affects my productivity. The keyboard has extra keys – and to make room for them, they slightly re-positioned the other ones. The “keyboard light” is a joke. Seriously, seems like a feature that was pushed when the computer was already on the production line. As I end up carrying two laptops up and down everyday I got the permission to use my personal computer on the corporate network and return the t500.

I guess the only way out – without significant loss – is to sell my current MBP and then buy a new one. Anyone in vancouver/richmond area interested in mine? Bids are open :-)

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Travelstar 7K200

May 20th, 2008

Just installed the Travelstar 7K200 on my MBP, and restored the backups. If you still using a 5400 rpm HD on your laptop, and you care about productivity, go ahead and buy it.

Installing it on a MBP is fun. You need to use precision tools – I had to buy a set – and prepare your patience. iFixIt has excellent guides.

First thing you’ll notice, the HD is completely silent. To the extend that I thought it wasn’t working when I booted after installing it.
Then you’ll notice the speed. Windows and Mac booting are faster, opening apps is faster. So cool!

The manufacturer claims that the Travelstar 7K200 is faster than other 7200rpm HDs. I’d say that would be hard to tell, but it’s certainly a great performance improvement for a laptop. Another tip: buy a 2.5 Sata USB Enclosure, so you keep using the old HD.

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The most painless recovery I’ve ever seen

November 27th, 2007

So I’m doing a lot of profiling to spot bottleneck in an app we’re working on. After installing JetBrains’ dotTrace, Resharper stopped working. Yeah, it shows as “not loaded” on and doesn’t even appear on the Add-in list. By the way, this is for Windows XP running on vmWare Fusion.

At the same time the hard disk seems to be urging for a formatting, also profiling is very cpu intensive and running from vmWare seems not to be the most optimal path. It would be a good idea to give boot camp 2.0 a try. Ok, fingers crossed, run Leopard setup.

I proceeded with a clean install, formatting my HD, then skipping the migration assistant. In 30m I’m in a new leopard installation. Started boot camp and got windows installed in a partition for it. Great.

Started Migration assistant. Selected Time Machine as my backup source. Run. An hour later I have my computer exactly as it was: settings, network configs, wallpaper, keyboard shortcuts, apps, downloads just exactly as they were.

But now I’m onto the boring task of setting up windows (sql server,, tortoise svn..) – is there anything similar to Time Machine for Windows?

The top best feature on Mac OS

September 18th, 2007

IMHO the best thing on Mac OS is the location menu. It’s there, always there. Just click on the Apple icon and change your location, and the network is reconfigured.


Is this available on Vista?

Bootcamp, Parallels and VMware Fusion: performance comparisson

July 5th, 2007

My definitive test: compiling Castle trunk with nant. Just to make it clear, for all tests I started Windows, waited and waited until there was no disk activity whatsoever, and started the build. I also had no open apps on Mac OS aside from Firefox.

Parallels (running in OS window): Total time: 476.2 seconds. 7.93 minutes

VMware Fusion (1 processor): Total time: 449.9 seconds. 7.50 minutes

VMware Fusion (2 processors): Total time: 446.8 seconds. 7.44 minutes

Bootcamp: Total time: 449.8 seconds. 7.50 minutes

I stand corrected, then. At least for my usual tasks there’s no significant difference between bootcamp on its own and a virtualization. But there’s some difference between Parallels and VMware.

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Giving Parallels another try

July 5th, 2007

Commenters on Bellware’s post insinuate that Parallels Desktop has a decent virtualization performance. I find it hard to believe, but I’m giving Parallels 3 a new try. To begin with, they could give more trial days.

Windows start up time

Seems the same to me.

VS compilation

Seems slightly better. Emphasis on slightly.

3D acceleration

Tried a PS2 emulator (Silent Hill): didn’t work
Tried Silent Hill 2: didn’t work
Splinter Cell: really didn’t work


The shortcut to launch windows is handy. However it “remembers” the last window mode, so it might bring up the windows start up window to a full screen, forcing a resolution change. Really annoying.

The network bridging seems to affect GoToMeeting. It can’t connect to the network.

Coherence seems better than Unity, though.

In Coherence mode, Command+C/V works. That’s great!

Well, gonna test it some more tomorrow. Real work and two monitors. So far, I’m still leaning towards VMware Fusion.

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VMware’s Unity: what a deception

June 15th, 2007

I know this is beta software, I understand that. But c’mon the video looks so promising. Today I gave Unity a try. My findings:

  • Right click doesn’t work!!!
  • Some ghosts from windows desktop shows up on your Mac desktop
  • You can’t drag a window from the main screen to a secondary screen (I use two monitors). Well, you can, but it’s restricted to Windows desktop area

Only used it once, I have to work you know. Gonna try again after a nice reboot and see how it goes. But so far I think that video is deceptive. Very deceptive.

Update: At least the mouse thing can be fixed.

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Parallels’ Coherence vs VMware’s Unity

June 7th, 2007

I dont think videos make a good showcase for products, or at least I don’t “buy it”, I rather try it myself. But, gosh, this video is impressive!

Maybe someday they will also be able to map Mac’s keymap to windows, so I dont have to keep switching it on my brain.

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I’m Mac’ified!

April 10th, 2007

Just wanted a breath of fresh air and to be challenged a little (do you remember the first time you used windows? do you remember the fun of exploring the OS and ordinary apps?). Instead of being challenged only by Vista, why not dive into Mac OS and see what’s going on in worlds other than MS’?

macbook pro

So far, I’m loving it, albeit it’s hard to get used to the keyboard.

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