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GWT on Leopard

December 5th, 2007

I really couldn’t anticipated that a bug could have sparked such a long thread on an issue tracker. Seems that the problems lies on Apple’s Java UI libraries (Carbon?).

Not long after bumping on this bug I gave up on GWT. I guess it wasn’t a good first impression, albeit now I realize it wasn’t their fault. I bought the book, though, and read half of it. It’s interesting, but somehow extremist. I think the perfect solution is in something between GWT and Script#… wish I had the time :-)

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The most painless recovery I’ve ever seen

November 27th, 2007

So I’m doing a lot of profiling to spot bottleneck in an app we’re working on. After installing JetBrains’ dotTrace, Resharper stopped working. Yeah, it shows as “not loaded” on and doesn’t even appear on the Add-in list. By the way, this is for Windows XP running on vmWare Fusion.

At the same time the hard disk seems to be urging for a formatting, also profiling is very cpu intensive and running from vmWare seems not to be the most optimal path. It would be a good idea to give boot camp 2.0 a try. Ok, fingers crossed, run Leopard setup.

I proceeded with a clean install, formatting my HD, then skipping the migration assistant. In 30m I’m in a new leopard installation. Started boot camp and got windows installed in a partition for it. Great.

Started Migration assistant. Selected Time Machine as my backup source. Run. An hour later I have my computer exactly as it was: settings, network configs, wallpaper, keyboard shortcuts, apps, downloads just exactly as they were.

But now I’m onto the boring task of setting up windows (sql server,, tortoise svn..) – is there anything similar to Time Machine for Windows?

Can’t get VS 2008 to work

October 10th, 2007

Looks like I’m doomed for having a Mac and worse: for installing Leopard. With this particular set up I couldn’t get a boot camp partition set, which was fine until recently when I tried to install VS 2008 beta 2 that I got at JAOO.

It installs successfully on my lovely Windows XP running as a plain image with VMware Fusion. Then I try to open it and it crashes mercilessly during start up, showing the splash screen. Repairing and trying a second install didn’t do the trick.

Now to my options: come back to Tiger or trying with Windows Vista.

Tiger is a no-no. After using the new Finder and Spaces I can’t go back. It’s going to hurt me deeply.

Vista is an option, as long as I can get a copy. As I have to buy a new computer for the office anyway, including an extra Vista copy wouldn’t be hard. Hope that fix it.

On the subject of IDEs, after using Intellij for a while I have to admit that Eclipse is definitely not providing a productivity environment that once I thought it did. Intellij really rocks. I really wonder how an IDE for .Net from JetBrains could look like…

The top best feature on Mac OS

September 18th, 2007

IMHO the best thing on Mac OS is the location menu. It’s there, always there. Just click on the Apple icon and change your location, and the network is reconfigured.


Is this available on Vista?