Alive and well

May 6th, 2010

Wow, I thought I need to post something on this blog before the PHP code that runs it gets stale.

Still alive, still working for Microsoft, but a few months ago our MEF team was merged into the Common Language Runtime (CLR) team. The CLR teams owns all the low level stuff: execution engine, JIT, GC, and some not so low level things like the Base class library (BCL) and security model. So if you have any complains on any of these things let me know and I’ll ensure you I’ll forward to the appropriate person and make sure I get a reply :-)

While I’m still working on MEF I also managed to get involved in some new CLR stuff for the upcoming version. Early days, so nothing to talk about yet.

MEF updates

I’m working with ASP.NET MVC team to have MEF integrated with the next MVC version. There are a lot of constraints that won’t allow us to optimize a lot of the experience, but things should change soon.

I’ve managed to put together a sample depicting MEF integration with WebForms. I’ve used ControlBuilders to change the generated code to use MEF’s container to instantiate controls. Let me know how you like the approach. We’re considering productizing it, but we need to measure the interest level first. Would that be useful to you?

Finally, among other things we’ve been exploring, componentizing our container implementation is one of my goals. Simplifying some common tasks and APIs is another. For those who are not really fond of MEF’s attributes I’ve prototyped a convention-based registration API. Will blog about it soon.

Castle updates

So the Castle community really impressed me. They released a bunch of stuff and are managing to introduce loads of cool features.

Other stuff

iPad: being an owner of an iPhone and MacBook Pro I see absolute no reason to have an iPad. My standard reply when the subject comes up is ‘I have an iPhone, which is the compact version of the iPad’. Sorry Steve Jobs, you won’t grab my $ for this one.

MS Courier: if you’ve been under a rock for the past year, go and check the Courier. It was canceled a few weeks back by MS. There was a short interview available to us on why this happened, but it wasn’t very convincing. I just truly hope they come up with something even better, and real soon.

Windows Phone 7: on the other hand, everybody here is excited about the new phone. Some (lucky!) few ones are already playing with prototypes. Did we get it right this time? Time will tell.

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3 Responses to “Alive and well”

Daniel Lins Leite Says:

I am interested not only ControlBuilders supporting MEF but some king of control of how it build the pages ( to use a IoC, for example ),

Eric Hexter Says:

I would really like to see a convention based MEF and MVC 3 integration.. Great stuff…

Stephen Redd Says:

I’d love to see the convention based MEF for MVC. If it could be pre-released for MVC 2 that’s be great :)

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