Workshop on Inversion of Control Containers

February 18th, 2009

Next Friday (Feb-27) I’ll be in Seattle doing a workshop on one of my favorite topics: Inversion of Control Containers. Expect some digressions on the story of ioc containers, how they evolved, what problems they solve and what problems they introduce. Also why I think the DI term should be banished – call me a purist. Windsor, MEF and maybe others will be on my radar.

If you want to attend, keep an eye on this page. Currently registrations are closed, but should open in a few days.

I truly hope I dont have a cold next week :-)

3 Responses to “Workshop on Inversion of Control Containers”

Andrey Shchekin Says:

I always thought that DI is the purist term — at least, according to Fowler. What am I missing?

Christopher Bennage Says:

I was looking forward to this, but I didn’t know about the workshops until after I booked my flight. :-(
I tried to change the flight but it was prohibitively expensive. Hopefully, I can get a brief recap at some point from you about the banishment of DI. I’m really curious to know more about that.

hammett Says:

@Christopher, I’m not sure I’ll attend the conference per se.

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