Some Castle related news

January 5th, 2009

During the holiday – and between Wow quests and dungeons – I’ve managed to apply a bunch of patches and to fix some outstanding bugs on the Components and Windsor projects.

Another interesting accomplishment is some contributions finally made in and Castle.Core, Castle.MicroKernel and Castle.Windsor are now Silverlight ready.

Last but not least, I recently applied a patch that made Castle.DynamicProxy 2 also available for Silverlight.

The pending items now are:

- Fix the build so the bits targeting SL will be correctly build and made available through our build server

- Change Windsor to use the SL version of DynProxy.

Thanks for all the patches, people. Keep them coming! :-)

3 Responses to “Some Castle related news”

Dan Says:

Thanks to Castle developers for the hard work

schorsch Says:

That are great news. Thank you for the patches.

Colin Jack Says:

Great work, I was wondering if you have any firm plans for the date of your next release?

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