What are the most relevant OSS projects for .net?

October 2nd, 2008

Not a popularity contest, but if you were to elect some in some categories, what would be the names?
Here are a few categories I come up with (off the top of my head)

The only criteria I’d like to insist is: needs to be fully OSS, not a one-man show, have some people involved, have source available and with a well-know open source license (hopefully with no distinction between commercial and other uses)

Blog engines


Web frameworks

WPF frameworks

Silverlight frameworks

Unit test frameworks (including spec?)

ASP.Net tools and more specialized frameworks

Update: Scott moved this to stackoverflow. But you can still post your suggestions here :-)

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12 Responses to “What are the most relevant OSS projects for .net?”

hammett Says:

I’d start:

web frameworks:
- MonoRail
- Spring.NET Web Framework

ASP.Net tools
- dotnetOpenId

josh Says:

Umm… wasn’t clear at first whether you were asking for projects of categories.

First project I think of, for obvious reasons, is Castle of course. That would be:

Castle Monorail for Web Frameworks
Castle Windsor for .net tools
Castle ActiveRecord for .net tools

Rhino Mocks for testing/mocking frameworks

Simone Says:

Blog engines
– Subtext
– BlogEngine.net

– ScrewTurn
Web frameworks
– Monorail

Unit test frameworks (including spec?)
– NUnit
– MbUnit

ASP.Net tools and more specialized frameworks
– Castle Windsor
– NHibernate
– RhinoMocks

Jay R. Wren Says:

Mono – the libs not the runtime and compilers
including: Cecil, Mono Addins, and others unique to Mono

Castle – all of it


Rhino-tools – all of ‘em

NHibernate (implied by above)

Boo – the extensible compiler is awesome.

MonoRocks – Mono inspired extension method library.

Ninject – because CF and Silverlight need IOCC love too.

NUnit & MbUnit



gnome-do – launchy/quicksilver for gnome.

boxerp – interesting databinding and enterprise application helper library



C5 – because the BCL collection library is pathetic.

FlickrNet – cuz .net needs flickr love.

babysmash – my 17mo old loves it.

RSS.NET – a great easy to use rss lib – so good it went commerical, but the OSS version is still great.

MonoTorrent – http://monotorrent.com/ as a resident of Michigan I was pulling for the MSU student developed torrent lib, but Alan kicked but writing this library.

Gaia Ajax Widgets – very interesting.

JSC – the most awesome “compiler” that lets me write C# but target PHP, JS or ActionScript. Includes some libraries.

IKVM – for java interop

What is missing:

I don’t know of any WinForms libraries that make winforms better to use. I’d love to see this.

hammett Says:

Thanks all. @Jay, ditto on the winforms. Maybe there’s one for WPF?

Filip Kinsky Says:

there’s MVC# (http://mcsharp.org) for winforms and silverlight, but I wasn’t able to find any licensing information and it may be a one-man project so you won’t probably accept it into your listing :) but it looks quite promising…

Simon Says:

perhaps u mean http://www.mvcsharp.org/ ??

hammett Says:

Looks like old cab :-)

Glenn Block Says:

Poor Unity…it’s good to be loved.

Miner Says:

Blog engines
- None! They all prety much sucks :(

- Screw turn

Web frameworks
- Monorails

Unit test frameworks (including spec?)
- NUnit (still)

Miner Says:

I don’t get it:

MVC# – is a Model-View-Presenter framework for .NET platform?

Shouldn’t be MVP#?

Carlos Ble Says:

Hi guys,
A few months ago I released DesktopRails (http://desktoprails.osl.ull.es) which is a framework for desktop applications. It depends on some Castle dlls, and they are shipped with DesktopRails. This is the replacement for the old boxerp.

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