MonoRail marches into the cloud

September 1st, 2008

David is blogging about his experience with Amazon EC2. As you might know the images you can apply on a EC2 machine are all linux based. That didn’t stop him. He went on with Mono and MonoRail and got it working there. That certainly put more pressure on Castle community to get a bit more Mono-friendly/driven code. Now, if only the mono people could offer some help…

My first and last experience with EC2 was java based, and man, painful. The pain that only java can deliver. :-)

5 Responses to “MonoRail marches into the cloud”

Andrés G. Aragoneses Says:

What exactly do you need from the Mono team?

Arne Claassen Says:

I’ve been using Castle Windsor and Dynamic Proxy2 for IoC and some dynamic code interface implementation on mono for a while now and haven’t had any issues. There were some generic type issues, but that was mono’s fault in fixed in the Preview 2 build of mono 2.0.

hammett Says:

Arne, you serious? I thought DP2 was never going to work on mono.

Arne Claassen Says:

There were some issues with DP2 under 1.9.1. specifically with intercepting generic calls, but under Preview 2 all my code works. Granted that’s not an exhaustive test.. I should just bring the full Castle tests over and try running them

Danny Says:

Just got an email from Amazon saying you can now deploy Windows on EC2… :)

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