MEF Preview 2

September 5th, 2008

Thanks to Glenn (and Jad, Wes, Kevin) hard work, there is a first drop of MEF codebase available at CodePlex. I’d be really interested in your comments.

Read the overview, the guides and the samples. Get your feet wet. Then go wild. Stretch it, bend it, try to break it, and please let us know what you like or dislike about it. Your feedback at this time in development is gold.

You can reach me at hamilton.oliveira at microsoft dot com

Update: wrong email. The right one is hamilton.verissimo at microsoft dot com

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14 Responses to “MEF Preview 2”

Glenn Block Says:

You forget to mention yourself in that list ;) Great job!

MEF Making its debut on Codeplex - Glenn Block Says:

[...] then finally today we got to see all the fruits of our labor [...]

MEF Making its debut on Codeplex - Mirrored Blogs Says:

[...] then finally today we got to see all the fruits of our labor [...]

Andrés G. Aragoneses Says:

MEF is violating the terms of service of CodePlex site. Please read:

You should change the license or change your hoster.


hammett Says:

We’re aware of Miguel’s comments. However, saying that we’re violating Codeplex’s terms implies total ignorance of the process for releasing MS code on this very site. If we were violating anything, CodePlex would be the first to not allow us to use it.

Andrés G. Aragoneses Says:

I cannot be non-ignorant about that process, because it seems not to be open. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if CodePlex doesn’t care about projects coming from MS.

Andrés G. Aragoneses Says:

But what indeed amazes me is that you don’t seem to particularly care about this horrendous MS practice:

- To give the impression that CodePlex is an “opensource” repository when it is not.
- To give the impression that opensource MS licenses are friendly (thanks to MS-PL), but later designing a totally anti-open-source license and naming it with almost the same name! (MS-LPL).

MS thinks the people is stupid.

hammett Says:

Yep, I dont think I care. I wasnt hired to be an OSS evangelist.

And I do think CodePlex drop are unfortunately misleading. MEF and ASP.Net MVC are not OSS. We show the code, and we allow you to fork it if you want. Just that. I thought that was quite clear.

goodwill Says:

hey sorry I didnt check MEF before- it seems very much like something done with Castle?

goodwill Says:

To be specific- I mean, Windsor Container

hammett Says:

Yes, there is some overlap with IoC containers.

Alessandro Riolo Says:

Did you changed your mind about using for MEF related stuffs?

hammett Says:

No, just that this one has more subscribers :-)
I will cross-post when I have more meaningful things to say. :-)

Glenn Block Says:


CodePlex IS an open source repository. The default license for all projects does need to be an OSI license. However, CodePlex does not require that every license on CodePlex is OSI. You can request a custom a license. CodePlex has made some exceptions in order to get platform source to the community. This is like less than 1% of 1% of the projects on CodePlex. The community in general has appreciated the ability to get in on our codebases, modify them for their own needs and to participate in the design as it evolves.

You see this as a bad thing?

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