Laptop upgrade?

September 21st, 2008

My MBP is about an year and a half old, which is nothing for say, a car.. but meaningful for computers. Since then I’ve upgraded memory (to 3gb) and HD (to a hitashi 200gb 7200rpm). But there’s nothing more I can do: memory is limited to 3gb on my MBP generation. Processor is non-”upgradable”.

Mine is 2.33 GHz. On Apple store there’s a 2.5 and 2.6 (add $250) ghz models – doesn’t seem much of an upgrade for the investment. Getting one with equivalent configuration (plus hi-def screen) will cost me $3,299.00 CAD – IMHO a lot of money for no substantial gain. And there’s always that feeling that once you buy it, next morning Apple is going to announce its new MBP line.

James seems to be doing the same research. He liked the T500. Well, MS gave me that very laptop. It is fast but also has like a hundred leds blinking on your face. Small screen that affects my productivity. The keyboard has extra keys – and to make room for them, they slightly re-positioned the other ones. The “keyboard light” is a joke. Seriously, seems like a feature that was pushed when the computer was already on the production line. As I end up carrying two laptops up and down everyday I got the permission to use my personal computer on the corporate network and return the t500.

I guess the only way out – without significant loss – is to sell my current MBP and then buy a new one. Anyone in vancouver/richmond area interested in mine? Bids are open :-)

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Ayende Rahien Says:

I think that you ask MS for an MBP

hammett Says:

yeah, might consider that…

Udi Dahan Says:

I’ve taken a look at the Dell XPS M1530 and like what I see:

Core 2 Duo, 2.5GHz/800Mhz FSB, 6MB Cache
15.4 inch LED LCD (1440×900)
4GB @ 667 MHz
128 GB SSD

All for a bit over 2k.

Steve Says:

All the current MBP models are sorely outdated anyways, no centrino 2 yet which would allow you to upgrade to 8gb DDR3 or DDR2 as well as 1066mhz FSB rather than 800mhz.

I just got HP dv7t, 17″ display @ 1680×1050, 2.8ghz C2Duo w/ 8gb DDR2, dual 500gb 7200rpm drives. All of that for under $2400, the same price you pay for the base model of MBP.

Also the processor is upgradable so there is the option of putting in a QX9300 mobile quad core in a few months, still for less than what you’d pay for a decent MBP.. lol

Nick Says:

Keep your current MBP. I have a 2.5 penryn (current model), it’s a smidge faster than my coworkers previous gen 2.4, but only just. For dev purposes, one of the brand new intel ssd’s might make a huge difference, and that’s a part you could move into a new notebook in a year’s time.


hammett Says:

Thanks all!
One unspoken requirement is that I like MacOS, and I keep all personal things there (music, photos, spreadsheets) :-)

josh Says:

hey, don’t pull the trigger yet. Apple is about to update.

probably on oct 14th.

I have some advice on saving money on it. email me directly if you want.

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