Credits: be nice MVCContrib people

September 5th, 2008

I’m working on a prototype using ASP.Net MVC to build something that, well, will talk about some other day. Decided to use the MVCContrib to speed up some things (multiple view engines, ioc container integration). That’s cool. As always, the first thing I do is go through the code, testing the ground I’m stepping in, quality, design…

To my surprise I bump into things like IViewSourceLoader, IViewSource and FileSystemViewSourceLoader (namespace MvcContrib.ViewFactories). The same code (but with the license!) can be found here and here.

First this is a violation of ASL. Secondly, disregarding the legal blabber, have some common sense, kids. Give credits where it’s due!

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11 Responses to “Credits: be nice MVCContrib people”

Simon Says:

submit a patch with the appropriate comments / license changes :)

Justice~! Says:

Wow, that is some serious lameness. I wonder what caused that oversight to happen.

Sergey Says:

When I first saw this.
I thought it was you who created these files after visiting Redmond.

hammett Says:

@Sergey, that crossed my mind as well, but I checked the code I wrote there, and it surely didnt include those. Nor would I copy the code without keeping the licenses.

Jeffrey Palermo Says:

My apologies for the oversight. These were added as a part of revision 83:

It appears that they were adapted from NHaml, which might have taken them from Castle. Either way, credit should be given, and I have added the credit information to those files.

Colin Jack Says:

Really surprised someone would do that, guess it has to have been a mistake

Kyle Baley Says:

Oy, and it’s been there almost from the beginning too.

Jeffrey Palermo Says:

Here’s the revision in MvcContrib that adds the credit information:

ASP.NET MVC Archived Blog Posts, Page 1 Says:

[...] to VoteCredits: be nice MVCContrib people (9/4/2008)Thursday, September 04, 2008 from hammett.castleproject.orgI’m working on a prototype using ASP. [...]

Bill Pierce Says:

That was my oversight when porting Brail to MVCContrib. The license was maintained on the Brail files but it would appear a few files were missed. Nothing sinister, evil, overt, or sneaky…just accidental.

hammett Says:

@Bill, I’m sure it’s not evil, it just not polite, not nice. On castle, I’ve personally explicitly asked whether a contribution was really the sole work of the contributor (not from somebody else, not from his company). I would expect the same behavior from others.

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