It’s coming!

June 23rd, 2008

‘Nuff said :-)

10 Responses to “It’s coming!”

alberto Says:

This secrecy is starting to be annoying.

hammett Says:

Too bad.

Ignacio Says:

Can you give us more details? You know, is it a web application framework? what kind of distribution license would you offer? Thanks!

Victor Kornov Says:

It has a google-style UI…

Krzysztof Koźmic Says:

Looks like a bug tracker and/or CI server to me… but what do I know ;)

Emmanuel Says:

does it bake cookies? :D

hammett Says:

baking cookie support can be added as an extension or new module :-)

alwin Says:

Just a question, i was wondering why has a dash in it, and doesn’t?

Donjon looks really nice! I hope you make big bucks on it :)

jafin Says:

Definite Silverlight killer. Oh wait I’m not that sure of what it is…..Still definitely a silverlight killer!

Pascal Says:

I have the feeling we’re at the dawn of Web 4.0 here, guys. Buzz-illa is about to strike again! ;)

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