Any developer out there?

May 2nd, 2008

Just wondering: is there any developer that has Castle experience, understands Ajax, is keen to learn new stuff and lives in Brazil (doesn’t need to be in Sao Paulo) that wants to join our team?

If so, please contact me directly on hammett at castlestronghold dot com

2 Responses to “Any developer out there?”

josh Says:

I could move… no, wait, make that I wish I could move. good luck finding someone though.

Marcelo Says:

I know some guy who is just matches your query hamilton
Carlos Roberto Santilli, a Henry’s friend…
he’s some experienced in castle, knows about ajax, easy going, very professional guy
Don’t get me wrong, would an honor to try an test with you all, but I just moved to Prague, and I’m still crazy about this town

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