You know you’re doing too much javascript when…

April 11th, 2008

At very end of your page you see

var histManager = new CriteriaHistoryCoordinator(criteria);
viewMng.addObserver(new ViewManagerHistoryManagerObserver(viewMng, histManager));

criteria.addObserver(new HistoryCriteriaObserver());
criteria.addObserver(new CurrentSearchObserver());
criteria.addObserver(new CriteriaViewObserver(viewMng));

2 Responses to “You know you’re doing too much javascript when…”

Victor Kornov Says:

Though I don’t understand what’s going on here… looks like you’ve read at some point “Pro JavaScript design patterns” :) Btw, could you please share your js unit testing story?

hammett Says:

Nope. I dont think I ever read a book on javascript…

I’m still trying to come up with a good unit testing technique for JS…

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