donjon first public demo – sort of

April 10th, 2008

Hmm, thinking about it, I guess the post title might be a bit misleading :-)

Today I showed donjon during the lunch to two IT-world friends. Seems that they really really liked it. My biggest concern was that the all usability points wouldn’t be well received, or that the interface wouldn’t communicate the intentions very well.

My test was showing them the app, making them look at a specific piece of the page and asking ‘what do you think this is for’. They were able to immediately tell what it was. And if you’re wondering, no, I wasn’t using some labels or text to identify the functionality.

Wow, I’m happy – and I’m not known for being happy about the things I create. Certainly tells me I’m in right path.

3 Responses to “donjon first public demo – sort of”

morcs Says:

Sounds like this castle’s dungeon won’t be of the oubliette variety, where accessibility is concerned!

Jordi Serrano Says:

I was one of the privileged ones to see donjon’s presentation yesterday, and its usability is very impressive. I was almost as impressed as when hammett himself showed me what was possible to do using Javascript/AJAX in early 2005. It seems that we’ve all turned to javascript developers these days :)

Steve Gentile Says:

What is it :)

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