Stay away from open source!

March 10th, 2008

Quoting this

Although there are many containers(, PICO , Castle Project), as always Microsoft PNP( Patterns and Practices team) has done a good job in incorporating this component in there Application blocks that way you don’t have to run for another open source component.

Huh? What’s the harm I’m missing?

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Christopher Bennage Says:

Don’t let it get you down. The perceptions aren’t going to change anytime soon, and you’ll just end up frustrated. OSS is a primary fount of innovation, but good ideas take a long time to trickle through to the masses. (Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that mass appeal is all about the sweetness, and little about the taste. That’s why there’s so much sugar in our lattes.)
But enough of me preaching…
(Oh, and Castle _is_ awesome!)

Chad Myers Says:

We need to start calling it “Open Source” with “scary quotes” for extra FUD effect.

Ray Says:

They may write whatever they want.

Anyways all those application blocks are a total junk.

Alex Simkin Says:

By deleting my comment, you only confirmed what was in it. You and Ray can continue to live in your self-admiration society.

hammett Says:

I deleted your comment as it left too much room for interpretation. If you have something to say, say it clearly and name names.

Stuart Carnie Says:

The original post has been edited (still a space before the period where the text was removed)…

Andrew Hallock Says:

It pains me to see these open source efforts being pummeled by Microsoft’s juggernaut FUD machine. I know you have ownership in and take great pride from working on Castle – as you should – but I don’t know how you can endure when MS is giving Castle and .NET OSS the middle finger. Seriously, why are they releasing a web MVC framework after Castle has been filling the void for YEARS? I’m digressing, but MS releasing competing products IS NOT competition; it’s domination. Where’s your billions-in-the-war -chest budget, mobs of vapid, hypnotized, MS-Koolaid-drinking developers, and your monstrous son-of-bitch FUD engine?

I know I’m being a bit dramatic, but I’m done with .NET. I found a holy “Grails”, and, well, that’s it. Too much resistance on the .NET side.

hammett Says:

You went to java camp? Really? Last time I had to do some java I almost blew my head off. Never played with Grails, though. Not sure I like Groovy…

Casey Says:

He states at the end that he is going to use it in future … he has no experience, so is only repeating the marketing blurb …

He also can’t spell a basic thing properly … sign of a careless mind … :)

“Software Design Patterns and Arhictecture “

hammett Says:

Hmmm, I hardly can spell something either. Thanks goodness for FF’s inline corrections.

I really dislike Ad hominem arguments.

Christopher Bennage Says:

Personally, I’m not mad at Microsoft for MVC.
We don’t write OSS to compete, but because [a] we love it or [b] we need a better way. If [a], then what’s the fuss? If [b], then let’s pragmatically evaluate the options. (For the foreseeable future, I think Castle is still the better way).
Microsoft is a business. As a business owner, I can appreciate the practical demands of business and why they would make MVC. Let’s face it, a vast majority of .NET developers have no clue Castle exists. Only those of us who [a] love software or [b] wanted a better way, discovered it.

Torkel Says:


Working on open source software, spending a considerable time to make development better for yourself AND for others only to have Microsoft copy your work is not really encouraging the .net open source community. Like Andrew said, it is not a fair competition. I think Microsoft is actually working actively against open source despite some good intentions (codeplex). Just compare to the way open source is treated in java and you notice a huge difference (open source funding and endorsement from big companies).

Yok Says:

Yes, most of the .net programmers refuse to use open source projects. I hopped to a new company and the architect just want to use “full microsoft solution. So I had to say good bye to Caslte for a long time :(

Yok Says:

Yes, most of the .net programmers refuse to use open source projects. I hopped to a new company and the architect just want to use “full microsoft solution”. So I had to say good bye to Caslte and suffer from / webform controls for a long time :(

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