News directly from Castle’s trunk

March 1st, 2008

This has just been committed. Checking the test cases, it shows how it should work:

container.Register( AllTypesOf<IService>.
    FromAssembly( Assembly.Load("MyServicesAssembly") ) );

Check the message for more usage examples. I hope it’s the end of the Batch Registration Facility :-)

Craig, you’re the man!

8 Responses to “News directly from Castle’s trunk”

casey Says:

darn, 2 weeks after I just wrote a damn near identical function for our project … Well done guys, always impressive work

Darius Damalakas Says:

Why not use Binsor instead?

efdee Says:

Hah. This is awesome.

@Darius: Binsor still hasn’t been separated from Rhino Commons, has it?

Victor Kornov Says:

Binsor is one more dependency both in code and in learn. It should be justified.

Nick Parker Says:


Why do you want to move away from the batch registration facility? I am rather fond of it, what am I missing?

hammett Says:

Nick, I just find the attributes too intrusive.

Darius Damalakas Says:

@efdee: thats very true, Binsor is Rhino.Commons

Steve Says:

Is this still available?

I’m using ASP.NET MVC MVCContrib and would like to use this to register all my ‘IDao’ objects (in one assembly) that are injected into my controllers.

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