James Kovacs’ article on IoC/Windsor

March 14th, 2008

I remember reading a few months ago on James blog that he wanted to learn Windsor. Guess he did in no time. James’ article is a very nice introduction to the shift of thinking required to use IoC containers.

I still can’t stand this “Dependency injection” term. Someday it will be banished from all computer related literature, publications, books, articles, blogs and even thoughts. In the meantime, I’ll be alone fighting it.

4 Responses to “James Kovacs’ article on IoC/Windsor”

Ben Scheirman Says:

I talk to a lot of people who literally have no clue what IoC or DI means.

Dependency Injection (IMO) is more descriptive of what you’re actually doing, so I find it easier to explain using that term.

Tuna Toksoz Says:

What’s wrong with DI term. What I understand from “injection of dependency” is you can inject the dependency in various way(either constructor or setter) instead of creating it in the constructor or method, etc.

I can understand if you say that people get confused and use DI instead of IoC, or vice versa, but DI is something really descriptive.

Jeremy Gray Says:

Dependency Injection and Service Locator are arguably the two most common approaches to IoC, so I don’t exactly see either term going away any time soon. In fact, if anything what we need are more people working to clarify for everyone the distinctions and relationship between the terms so that people don’t think they are interchangable.

hammett Says:

IoC is a very broad concept, Jeremy. Aside from that, I completely agree.

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