donjon – status update

March 14th, 2008

Yeah, so what’s donjon? You’ll soon know. We’re working on it on our spare time, and facing several interesting challenges. The challenges come from the fact that donjon, whilst has a well defined target, is totally modular. It’s a platform, if you will. All the functionality come from modules, and these modules need to interact while knowing nothing about each other.

That’s is a challenge in several levels. It forces us to take loose coupled architecture to the next level. Imposes several UI “problems”. And at the same time we cannot sacrifice anything on how the user interacts with the application.

Donjon’s main goal is to be stupidly simple – but not simplest – with a UI usability that is just not offered by our competitors – they think like programmers!. I believe this pretty much depicts what I’m talking about.

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12 Responses to “donjon – status update”

Mike Says:

Sounds really intersting. Is donjon a toolkit for building apps? Kind of like a UI for connecting modules registered in Windsor and persisting this module graph as an application? Or have I got that completely wrong?

Mike Says:

well I just checked out this screenshot so I guess I am completely wrong! fool!

hammett Says:

It might be viewed like this, but for a specific set of applications – not all types.

Tuna Toksoz Says:

As you said in the previous donjon post, a picture still worths a thousand words. I like the screenshot you pointed.

I am learning a lot of things from you.

Bruno Says:

Is it an enhanced DotNetNuke like plataform?

hammett Says:

Nope. .NetNuke is more like a CMS.. We don’t have that goal.

Kris Says:

Hi Hammett, is this a commercial application you’re working on or something that will eventually end up in the open source space? Not that you haven’t committed some fantastic work already! I have your blog posts on castle and dynamic applications on my pending reading list, as this is something I’m very interested in as well. Regardless, it would be wonderful to hear your thoughts and ideas related to castle based plugin architectures and how you’re meeting some of the backend and presentation layer challenges you mention. Good luck, can’t wait to see what this turns out to be!

hammett Says:

It’s going to be a commercial application. We have no plans to make the source available at this time.

Pascal Says:

I like the way you think. Any initiative to make things simpler (be it for the developer or the end-user (preferrably both)), I welcome with open arms. The UI prototypes on the linked page are good fun, although I’m not sure I would want to fill that customer details form with an iPod wheel interface. :)

Which brings on the obvious issue: you can want to make things dead simple, but oftentimes business is just plain old complex. I can’t count the times I heard a business manager say: “it cannot be that hard” and then when you spell out his business for him, he sees that there’s a lot more complexity, which he has grown accustomed to over the years.

So, I’m really curious on what your take is going to be with donjon and therefore I’m hoping to read more about it soon!

Cheers, Pascal.

Gildas Says:

Hi Hammet,

That’s great. Too bad is will not be open source ;-)

I was starting to code a project for modularization in MonoRail with the code of your last article on this subject as a base.

I guess I can continue then :-)



Bruno Says:

Well, what is DonJon?

A extreme loosely coupled “Web OS” built on top of Windsor, Naked Objects and some other “ground breaking” technology :) ?

It´s interesting.

Jafin Says:

Ahh donjon, the mind wanders….. now if some of the modules had names like Crockett & Tubbs, that would be sweet :-)

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