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March 7th, 2008

There’s this Canadian guy (nothing against Canadians) who was kind enough to label me as a bitter, jealous, open source developer aching for a book deal, and that was the motivation behind some posts.


I don’t think I own explanation to anyone, but in case you, one of the five readers of this blog, are wondering, during the past two years I was approach by O’Reilly, Wrox, Apress, and Manning to write a book about Castle. Manning almost convinced me using something like “we craft a few books per year”. But really, I wrote a book before. It doesn’t pay off financially. The percentages paid are ridiculous if you consider that you did the hard work. They just put it in a nice cover and distributed it.

So I declined Manning’s offer as well. If there ever will be a book about Castle, it would be a pdf to sell online. Comparing with what’s happening with the music industry and you can see a trend.

Thanks goodness though that labeling, using flickr pictures to ridiculer someone or to sustain your “strong argumentation”, and all acts like those ones are still the exception on the .Net world, that from my perspective is still healthier than Java and even Ruby communities. Hopefully it will stay like that, despite the “non-technical” content.

For the records, the previous two posts about some people came to question their technical abilities. It’s something to make people think. For someone that is promising to show me “the right way to build apps” it’s natural wanting to know more about him/them before giving thumbs up, sitting on a chair and wait for the enlightenment.

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Justice~! Says:

I just wanted to jump in to state categorically that I did not publically label you as bitter, though I will be open and state I had my suspicions, as I really wasn’t sure about why you were motivated to post what you were posting!

Do remember my truce message to you on Twitter!

josh Says:

I still like you, hammett, even though you are bitter. (joking).

Shimoda Says:


Even though it doesn’t pay off in terms of direct revenue, It would surely pay off in terms of framework populaization and acceptance.

We have to work with people who still develop in VBA (and some of them say it is the state of the art) here and a book about castle might be one of the things which would make them more confortable to use it as the main development framework.

Look on the bright side of things – I am writing a 150 page manual to describe the app so that they can finnaly use it (and at the same time I have to test it, code it and debug it) and yet this is all coming from my salary (designed for 8-hours daily work but rather unfitting for 12-18 hours per day)

D'Arcy from Winnipeg Says:

Actually Justice, *I* labelled him bitter. I’ll admit the book deal bit was more an idea I got from some of the comments to the original post about Polermo (someone offered up the book deal angle)…thanks for clarifying though Hammett that you did get approached.

That still doesn’t deal with the real reason for my post: where do you get off publically attacking someone who has been a visible part of the developer community for YEARS and is a proponent of GOOD SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT PRACTICES, not just recently but for the bulk of said years?

Your statement about “making people think” is junk. Let’s compare what you wrote to what you *could have* written:

“Funny enough, Pallermo never seem to care about Castle. Suddenly he – and others – became the world’s expert in MVC, testability, maintainability and good architecture. I wonder, what have been using to develop web apps before the ASP.Net MVC? WebForms? If so, I’m not that keen to believe that they are what they claim.”

Now let’s see what this would have looked like if Hammett had listened to REM’s Shiny Happy People instead of NIN’s Terrible Lie:

“Jeff Polermo has recently been evangelising good architecture, test coverage, and maintainability. It’s good to see another visible personality in the technology community champion best practices in an industry that so badly needs to hear about it. Castle has been preaching this since 2004 when it was incepted, and the more people that want to reach out to the community the better! Jeff, consider this an open invitation to ping me and discuss how I or my team can help answer any questions or just discuss ideas with.”

See? FRIENDLY! NON-ANTAGONISTIC! POSITIVE COMMUNITY BUILDING! That’s what we as a community need to be about, not trying to tear each other down.

So, as Justice did, I too am going to offer a bit of a truce. I think what you’ve done with Castle has been a great boon to the developer community…I think you just need to realize that there are others that are passionate about the same things you are but are just now finding their voice, or are just now having their voices heard.


Bill Pierce Says:

Frankly I’m surprised you aren’t bitter. I predict that in a few months there will be an outrageous amount of (uneducated) people that believe Microsoft created MVC for the .Net framework and that it is the coolest thing ever and that MonoRail is some cheap knock off.

I think you (or other motivated committer(s)) should write a book on Castle. Financial gain aside, I believe it lends a tremendous amount of credibility to have a printed reference on the subject, even if it is obsolete after you write the first draft of the first chapter.

I know my personal vanity would be pegged if I could take my son to Barnes & Noble someday and show him my name on a book :)

Justice~! Says:


This is a fantastic idea and I am going to write about Castle and Monorail once I negotiate the rights to call myself “The Father of Monorail”. ;)

Joe Says:

“For someone that is promising to show me ‘the right way to build apps’ it’s natural wanting to know more about him/them before giving thumbs up”

Until you explained it that way, I was all aboard the WTF0-is-wrong-with-Hammett train. But that really does put it in perspective.

Ben Scheirman Says:

Sign me up for the PDF, I’ll buy it :)

Ben Scheirman Says:

@Bill – actually it is an intention of mine (and Jeffrey’s) to send the “right” message about web application development. Already you can see the message: here is a great thing from Microsoft… but Monorail was there a long time ago and currently has it beat in terms of features. The concepts easily apply in both directions, and there is a lot we can learn from Monorail.

It’s a shame that most people wouldn’t have even known about it until now… but it’s still good for MonoRail (and Castle in general).

Pedro Says:

Hammet, I might be one of the few readers of your blog who have read your first book, which for me was one of the best books on programming ever published in the language, the only one in Portuguese that I’ve actually brought with me when I moved to US. And I’ve witnessed by then your complaints about the amount of effort to write it. However, even though I understand that you don’t have the monetary benefits – or the time and money to spare -in writing it, have you considered the publicity for you and for the Castle project with this book? Even if you have the possibility of writing it with someone else? Either way, if you already made up your mind, it is surely the dev community that is loosing such potentially great book!


Ananth Says:

Searching on some code samples for monorail and activerecord brought me across this link:

Guess someone is working hard on making a book out of the monorail documentation.

- Ananth

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