Why I love jQuery – part 1 of many

February 4th, 2008

This is a snippet from donjon’s html:

<select name="team" id="team" class="loader {assignee: {url: '/common/getassigneesbyteam'}}" >

Can you guess what it does?

6 Responses to “Why I love jQuery – part 1 of many”

Matt Says:

I’m guessing it fills the options ajaxy like.

Can you point us to how to do that?

MIke Says:

sweet…uses metadata plugin to pass the selected assignee value to the action args.

Victor Kornov Says:

It will populate a “linked” select with options from that url (either json or plain html). You attach onchange script somewhere, don’t you?

hammett Says:

Yes, Victor hit the nail.

Mark Hildreth Says:

jQuery is one of the reasons I’ve stayed away from Monorail’s javascript generation. By putting the guts into a seperate .js and just importing that script into the html, many times I can just sling a class name onto the html element and get the functionality I want without having to add another layer (NVelocity, brail, etc.) into the mix.

Granted, I may not be doing the most l33t scripts, but something simple that I know I’ll be using a lot (like showing/hiding a div based on whether a checkbox is checked or not) is a one-time operation and available quite easily to any page that needs it.

Steve Gentile Says:

jQuery is the bomb ;)

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