Sometimes it pays off

February 26th, 2008

So last Friday we had our third progress meeting with our client. I confess I’ve never heard so many “this is spectacular” in my life. Really pays all the hard work we have been doing for a project that in the beginning I felt would be ugly, too UI intensive and not to mention impossible due to the close deadline.

Somehow we’ve managed to overcome the UI challenges and show them something better than what they have and exceed expectation.

Things like that make up for all the time I wish I have had become a journalist, or a chef, or a butcher, or a travel salesman.

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Ruurd Boeke Says:

So, that got me curious. Did you use wpf for the UI? What kind of app was it!!??

hammett Says:

I can’t disclose information about the app, nor the client (which is the biggest company we have ever provided for). What I can say is that we used a lot of jQuery, its plugins, which has some fantastic widgets, and some MonoRail extensions (jQuery, Domain Driven Extension).

Nothing fancy from the technological PoV, but even so we were able to deliver a great user experience.

I did consider silverlight, but that was dropped as we didn’t have the time to experiment with it – too risky.

Ayende Rahien Says:

That is good to know.
Will it be publically available at some point?

hammett Says:

Not really Ayende, it’s meant to be used by managers, so it’s an internal app. I hope I can disclose the client’s name at some point, though.

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