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February 19th, 2008

The intention might be good, but IMHO a computer will never replace a human for some things.

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Markus Zywitza Says:

Unit tests created by programmers are better than unit tests created by programs, but unit tests created by programs are better than unit tests not created at all…

Markus Zywitza Says:

(hit submit too fast)

However, there will be no test-first-development with Pex, I presume…

hammett Says:

But that could be the ultimate excuse to not write test cases.

Ben Hall Says:

Totally agree, but the more to help us humans the better. I get annoyed at having to test the simple scenarios (does this method support all ints) when I need to spend my limited time on customer scenarios and making sure the application is actually working correct.

I hope Pex allows me to spend my time doing that and not focusing if the developer actually coded it correctly.

josh Says:

I dunno.. could be useful. Yes, there is a danger of it being an excuse not to write your own unit tests. I think that those of us who are inclined to write unit tests, are going to write unit tests.

Haven’t tried it, but if it can be used as a scaffolding for basic tests then I would be interested in it.

Peli de Halleux Says:

You can do Test-First and TDD-ish development with Pex: there’s nothing that prevents you from writing the parameterized unit test before the code. The difference with classic unit testing is that Pex will likely come up with the next failing ‘automatically’.

We’ve seen that users end up writing a mix of ‘classic’ unit tests and parameterized unit tests depending on the stuff to test.

hammett Says:

I’m listening to the Hanselminutes about it. The claim that ‘another developer fixes a bug and your test won’t get it’ is ridiculous.

I write my tests so I can have this safety net as the project grows in size and complexity. Albeit it is possible to have some behavior being changed and no test case catching it, I’d consider it an exception, rather than the rule.

Eber Irigoyen Says:

never say never, there is no such thing as an impossible thing, only incapable beings

hammett Says:

Yeah, AI is so advanced nowadays. and yes, I’m being ironic.

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