donjon – a teaser

January 20th, 2008

A picture still worth a thousand words.


6 Responses to “donjon – a teaser”

c.sokun Says:

WOW it just wow

Ramon Smits Says:

It certainly looks good. It looks a bit like Confluence and I like that interface.

But what is Donjon? Is it an issue tracker? Is it a wiki? Is it a buildserver?

I cannot find information about it :)

Darius Damalakas Says:

I don’t get. What do I have to see here?

General Says:

Mingle will be a contender, but is very expensive.
I am very interested if this will be a Mingle competitor, I would seriously like to help out from my home town in Belgium.

Zen and the art of Castle maintenance » Blog Archive » jQuery and MonoRail Says:

[...] is a snippet from donjon source base, so don’t expect to find JQueryGenerator, InterfaceLibEffects or [...]

Tuna Toksoz Says:

So how is it going with this project?

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