The most painless recovery I’ve ever seen

November 27th, 2007

So I’m doing a lot of profiling to spot bottleneck in an app we’re working on. After installing JetBrains’ dotTrace, Resharper stopped working. Yeah, it shows as “not loaded” on and doesn’t even appear on the Add-in list. By the way, this is for Windows XP running on vmWare Fusion.

At the same time the hard disk seems to be urging for a formatting, also profiling is very cpu intensive and running from vmWare seems not to be the most optimal path. It would be a good idea to give boot camp 2.0 a try. Ok, fingers crossed, run Leopard setup.

I proceeded with a clean install, formatting my HD, then skipping the migration assistant. In 30m I’m in a new leopard installation. Started boot camp and got windows installed in a partition for it. Great.

Started Migration assistant. Selected Time Machine as my backup source. Run. An hour later I have my computer exactly as it was: settings, network configs, wallpaper, keyboard shortcuts, apps, downloads just exactly as they were.

But now I’m onto the boring task of setting up windows (sql server,, tortoise svn..) – is there anything similar to Time Machine for Windows?

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goodwill Says:

yes if you are on Vista. Otherwise 3rd party (Acronis/Ghost?)
Vista’s restore point is great too, I tried when my computer get messed by a stupid IME engine- almost kill all my input services, thanks for restore point, everything back to normal after 1/2 hour.

Rik Hemsley Says:

I heard recently that you can do a backup of your Vista install to a USB hard drive and you can restore everything easily using the Vista DVD and the hard drive… I don’t know exactly _how_ you need to do the backup, though.

hammett Says:

Is this Vista backup versioned somehow? With time machine I can go back to different version of the same file.

Ken Egozi Says:

Acronis True Image is a great product for that.

I’ve heard that WHS (Windows Home Server) is supposed to have an impressive incremental backup for all the win machines in the LAN.

Ajwaka Says:

Just a guess, but would DriveImage XML help with that? I really don’t know it’s limitations.

Tuna Toksoz Says:

Is this Vista backup versioned somehow? With time machine I can go back to different version of the same file.

It should be. Well, at least it is versioned on xp so it should also be valid on vista. But the xp version was not very effective, though.

Rik Hemsley Says:

With Vista (and XP) you can go back to previous versions of a file, yes. Just right-click on it in explorer and choose ‘Previous Versions’. It might need activating (at least in XP) before this tab appears.

Sean Chambers Says:

It’s funny that you mentioned this.

We had 3 apple engineers come by the school district today to show all of our techs all the new features in leopard. Time Machine was very cool and got alot of ooh’s and aah’s

The really neat stuff is in their new wiki/blog server. For versioning of the wiki pages they are actually using subversion behind the scenes rather then using a database like mysql or sqlite.

I will hand it to apple though. They are definately deserving of the word “innovative” much more so than MS that throws around that word every oppertunity they get.

Glad to hear your restore went so smoothly! Now if I could only convince my boss to get me a mb pro rather then this inferior macbook =)

Don Morrison Says:

It seems that Fusion will let you use the Bootcamp partition as a virtual machine *and* it will let you take a snapshot of the virtual machine. Could you get your initial install up and running, then mount it in Fusion and take a snapshot? Heck, it might even be scriptable. I use Parallels and have been wondering the same thing myself.

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