Splinter Cell Double Agent and Oblivion

November 27th, 2007

So last time I was in the US I took the opportunity to visit a game store. Bought SC double agent and Oblivion. Took a long look at Bioshock and Halo 3 but well, too expensive.

So far I’m impressed with SP Double Agent, but more due to the plot than with the game. I have a feeling that I enjoyed Chaos Theory more, though. Nevertheless, the trust level is really fun. A few mission were really nice too, the one on the cruise and the other that you have to prevent the captain from setting the ship on fire was also lots of fun.

I wish that Xbox didn’t take so long to load and save. Why do I have to select the storage device if there’s only one? Clearly not designed by Apple ;-)

Oblivion was a disappointment. Honestly, played for 15 minutes and got tired of it. Maybe I need to give it a second try…

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Rhywun Says:

Oblivion demands a lot of time (more time than I have right now, actually). But if you are at all interested in RPGs, it’s just fantastic. If you only played 15 minutes you’re probably still stuck underground, in the tutorial. The game doesn’t really start until you get above ground.

hammett Says:

Yep, underground. Gonna try to get out of there…

Rhywun Says:

It takes about a half hour to get out. And then, you emerge into the outdoors in a most spectacular fashion. You walk around for awhile drooling at the scenery and then find stuff to do for real.

Mladen Mihajlovic Says:

Keep playing until you get above ground – just run through as fast as possible – and you’ll never go back ;)

Rhywun Says:

Well… except you’ll go back underground all the time only it’ll be fun this time.

Wendy Says:

Agree with everyone above — give Oblivion some more time and it should click… Then be prepared to lose hours of time to the game :P

I would keep a save game right before you leave the sewars around — You will probably want to remake your character after you figure out the odd levelling system and realize your character levels way too fast. The save game lets you restart w/o the tutorial :)

Casey Duplantis Says:

SP:DA is one of those games that seems to have gotten easier as of late. Still, the trust thing, I thought, added a new level of excitement to the game. Stealth games are more mental or emotional to me which is why I enjoy them.

Oblivion is actually a great game. I usually am not a fan of RPG, but this one gets under your skin. The controls/menuing are kinda hokey and could be made much easier. Loads are definately a pain. My first attempt at playing it, over a year ago, I was dark elf theif, atronoch sign – anyways went the dark brotherhood route and found little enjoyment in the game… I quit playing. A few weeks ago I started a new player (high elf) and have found the game much more enjoyable. The key is to stick to your major skills so that you progress faster in level.

Gameplay aside, the graphics are awesome. I hope that one day we’ll see another release that improves on the current faults.

Stick with it – it gets much better.

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