Leopard: two faces of same coin

October 31st, 2007

Apple announced that two million copies of Leopard were sold in less than a week. Great, isnt it?

At the same time I read this like this which is quite disappointing. Quoting:

What party do I mean? I mean the free ride that I as a Java developer have been giving Apple for way too long now. And as we have remained loyal to Apple, Apple has basically spit in our face. Not only did Leopard not ship with Java 6, but Apple, in typical fashion, apparently thinks it has no obligation to its customers to inform them about why the plans changed, and when (or even if at this point?) Apple will ever have a working copy of Java 6. Apparently, Apple has even been just deleting threads in their forums where people are complaining that Java 6 doesn’t exist, rather than actually respond to them and let them know if there is any kind of time line for Java 6. But wait… It gets worse…

Java 5 on Leopard is so broken, that some of it is flat out unusable. For example, I recently tested an application I wrote that uses Java2D for image zooming. On Linux, Windows, and on Java 5 in OS X Tiger, it worked fabulously. The scaling and zooming are very smooth. On Leopard, it is not even usable. It’s slow, and manages to rescale during zooming at about 1 frame every 5 seconds. Working with IntelliJ IDEA in Leopard has been no picnic either. On a fairly regular basis, it will seem to just hang for 10 seconds or more and then start working again. I suspect the garbage collector is having problems, but once again, these are problems that did not exist in Java 5 with the previous version of OS X.

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3 Responses to “Leopard: two faces of same coin”

Rhywun Says:

NetBeans, written in Java, works quite well in Leopard–I just discovered it a couple days ago. I am not sure what they’re talking about. Of course I only use it for its Ruby features, because frankly I think desktop Java is a piece of crap. End users don’t want it because they’ve been bitten too many times by crappy Java applications. The whole works is really showing its age.

Sean Chambers Says:

I just installed it yesterday and so far so good. I do see that they have fixed the ruby in leopard. It was working in the developer preview so I assume it is still working in the final release that we all have right now.

That is interesting about Java 6. It just goes to show that Apple does have questionable practices towards its developer community just as other OS manufacturers do. They do a great job in usability and publicity but can’t cover all the bases.

Rob Cecil Says:

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