Can’t get VS 2008 to work

October 10th, 2007

Looks like I’m doomed for having a Mac and worse: for installing Leopard. With this particular set up I couldn’t get a boot camp partition set, which was fine until recently when I tried to install VS 2008 beta 2 that I got at JAOO.

It installs successfully on my lovely Windows XP running as a plain image with VMware Fusion. Then I try to open it and it crashes mercilessly during start up, showing the splash screen. Repairing and trying a second install didn’t do the trick.

Now to my options: come back to Tiger or trying with Windows Vista.

Tiger is a no-no. After using the new Finder and Spaces I can’t go back. It’s going to hurt me deeply.

Vista is an option, as long as I can get a copy. As I have to buy a new computer for the office anyway, including an extra Vista copy wouldn’t be hard. Hope that fix it.

On the subject of IDEs, after using Intellij for a while I have to admit that Eclipse is definitely not providing a productivity environment that once I thought it did. Intellij really rocks. I really wonder how an IDE for .Net from JetBrains could look like…

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Rhywun Says:

JetBrains once said they were going to put out an IDE based around Resharper. Unfortunately it never happened :(
I would buy such a thing in a second.

Can’t help you with Boot Camp. I no longer have any intention to put any version of Windows on my Mac. It’s just too frustrating all around. When I need Windows I just use my work laptop.

Seth Says:

There is a recent firmware update to the MacBookPro that improves Boot Camp. I don’t know if this would be of help.

hammett Says:

@Rhywun, unfortunately I have only a single computer :-(

@Seth, thanks for the tip. I’ve just installed it.

Jonas Says:

Hmmm, I just ordered a MacBook Pro, and I plan to use Fusion, Windows and VS2008 … so this post leaves a bad feeling.

On the other hand a friend of mine has installed Paralles, XP, VS2008 b2 on a MacBook and there are no problems at all… I played with it extensively before making my decision to order a MacBook Pro.

So I hope you will be able to resolve your problem. Please keep us up to date.

BTW, where did you get Leopard?

Nick Parker Says:

I’m ordering the MBP as soon as Leopard comes out. Hopefully things smooth out before the release. Any suggestions on going from Windows to the MBP? Sounds like a good post to me! :-)

goodwill Says:

I am very interested to hear your comments about Leopard. As oppose to that, most ppl using XP are reluctant to upgrade on Vista due to the ‘awesome’ design of new start menu and Windows Explorer (even Paul in WinSuperSite admits the new Explorer sucks) I had goto one of those experience center to play around Vista and then come back with a definite no-no when thinking about pay for it (well, the only thing if I really want to pay for it, is the Windows Complete PC Backup, as getting anything will do so would at least cause me 49.95 (Acronis), or 69.95 if its Norton Ghost) but I am very worry about what it would brokes (can you imagine if you can’t run tortoisesvn/svnserve on it? that is going to be an eternal curse!)
I think it is somehow related to the new way VS2008 interacts with the desktop manager? if so maybe you can try turn off Fusion and use the more ordinary approach to start the app inside XP to see if it works first, then let VMWare know and fix it (they might be a bit slow because they recently earn too much money from stock, be forgiving on that :P)

Arne Claassen Says:

Have you resolved your problems with Leopard and VS Orcas? I just bought a new Macbook Pro this past weekend and have VS Orcas running beautifully both under Boot Camp and VMWare Fusions 1.1. beta.

Getting it set up right wasn’t all fun and games, but it’s great now. I wrote up the issues I ran into getting it going:

Michael Munnis Says:

I just purchased a new iMac with Leopard. Bootcamp is running with Windows XP SP2 & VS 2008 B2 with no issues. I also installed VMWare Fusion 1.1 and started a XP SP2 & VS 2008 B2 image with no issues there either. I also tried Parallels, but it uses more memory than VMWare, so I scrapped it.

Nothing out of the ordinary had to be done — these were straight up installs using XP SP2 and VS 2008 B2 from MSDN.

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