AR and MR screencasts

October 4th, 2007

First of all, if you know AR and MR then I don’t think you’ll see anything new on these screencasts. They were recorded on a Denmark hotel, by Ayende and me as rehearse for our presentations at JAOO. I’m making the files available as they are (ie. no encoding tweaking).

ActiveRecord (318mb)

Expect some glitches there. There was a power outage in the hotel during the recording session, just a little disturbing in the middle of a demo.

MonoRail (456mb)

I was really tired on this one, so there are sentences there that even I can’t make any sense of. Ayende was almost down with the flu, and it was about midnight when we record this one. So bear with us!

By the way, this is Ayende during one of the recording sessions.

Update: published them on mininova. Let me know if that works

26 Responses to “AR and MR screencasts”

Pedro Teixeira Says:

Thanks a lot for sharing this to everyone, Hamilton!

Torkel Says:

Thanks, I had been waiting for this one. I think a torrent would have been a good idea, or is it just me who is getting terrible download speeds (1-5 KB/s)?

Sander Says:

I am currently getting about 5kB/sec, perhaps it’s a good idea to either mirror the videos (I might be able to do that) or set up a .torrent (it doesn’t make much sense if I do this, because it takes about 60 more hours before I’m complete)?

Ben Scheirman Says:

I’ll seed for a while once I get the files, but I don’t see any peers right now…

Florin Sabau Says:


The server hosting the tracker is “actively” refusing connections!! :( Is there an alternative link (http/ftp maybe)?

Thank you very much!

hammett Says:

Seems that luck is on my side. The tracker I choose is out of order. I’ll try to create another torrent… :-(

hammett Says:

Also, if someone is willing to host it, I can upload the files.

Florin Sabau Says:

Hello Hammett,

Unfortunately I don’t have access to a ftp server to host the files, but am waiting anxiously for another torrent. :)


Chris Martin Says:

No seeders makes it very difficult to watch. :(

Daspeed Says:

Maybe it’s an idea to post it to newsgroups?

Arnoud Says:

The AR screencast was interesting, thanks.

However I couldn’t open the MR screencast because Quicktime says “This file is not a movie”. Tried to download it a second time but it didn’t help. Were others able to view the MR movie?

hammett Says:

Arnoud, sorry then, the file must be corrupt, and I have deleted the original one. I’ll record a new one soon.

Jonathon Rossi Says:

As Arnoud said the MR screencast is corrupt, I too got the same error.

However, the AR one worked and was good. It is a good video to introduce people to AR and even to convince people to use AR by showing how easy it is to do most of the stuff they’ll need.

sokun Says:

Can someone seed the files please.

kofisarfo Says:

Another eager beaver… Looking forward to seeing the MR screencast :)

Kofi Sarfo

John Says:

Could someone please seed this or provide a downloadable file (the traditional way)?

Patrick Says:

Need seeders. I will seed permanently from our servers once I get a copy! Hammett can you get me a copy?

Ed Says:


Is anyone seeding these files yet?

Simone Busoli Says:

Any change to get a look at these AR comes at 5kB, AR doesn’t come.

Michel Says:

I would really like these files. Any news?

bas Says:

Still now news? The torrents do not work.

Mark Says:

I’d love to see these, but the torrents aren’t giving me any love.
Anyone got them hosted anywhere?

morisa Says:

I have a dedicated server for hosting your MR and AR screencast. Please contact me if you interested.

Tom Opgenorth Says:

I don’t suppose that anybody has come up with a torrent or some other way of downloading these, have they?

Frank Halltorp Says:

Would love to see them but there is no seeders on those torrents. Do someone have a copy or something?

alberto Says:

I guess I am way too late for this.

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