The top best feature on Mac OS

September 18th, 2007

IMHO the best thing on Mac OS is the location menu. It’s there, always there. Just click on the Apple icon and change your location, and the network is reconfigured.


Is this available on Vista?

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Rik Hemsley Says:

ThinkPads come with something similar added to Windows. It is supposed to automatically detect where you are, so you don’t even have to select from a menu.

Unfortunately, it’s not very reliable.

Joe Says:

I have some intel ProSet utility installed on XP does this (and suprisingly, works great).

Rhywun Says:

Look who has Leopard already! *Grumble*

hammett Says:

Yeah, but it wasn’t wise. There are some minor but really annoying bugs. But I’m too lazy to switch back to tiger. Also, the Spaces and the new Finder are fantastic.

knocte Says:

Gnome’s NetworkManager looks better :)

Rhywun Says:

Yeah, I can’t wait for Spaces. Every desktop manager I’ve used on Mac AND Windows has been buggy as hell.

Davis Zanetti Cabral Says:

Here I use Vista and didn’t need to configure the network.
Just connect the cable and be happy!

Matt Says:

that is until it goes wrong:/ i keep having to do repair when my router crashes:(

Btw when on the Mac what do you use for .net coding etc? can you use visual studio?

goodwill Says:

Vista tried to produce something similar but its a complete failure. It keeps looping location detection, and it doesn’t keep my proxy settings (then why I have to switch location…)

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