Our ActiveRecord presentation

September 25th, 2007

It went perfectly well. Based on our questions to the audience we had 80% of java people, 18% of exclusive .net developers and then 2% of rails developers. And guess what Mr Fowler and Mark Pollack (from Spring.net) were on the audience.

Two things: Ayende and I recorded this presentation (a rehearse) last night in the hotel and we’re thinking in publishing it. However there was a camera and a camera man on our presentation for some reason… not sure if they are going to make it available. If they don’t, we will publish the screencast.

Now, tomorrow is going to be the MR/Castle stack presentation which is big and is going to be challenging.

Btw, I attended to Eric Evans “Strategic design” presentation: it was awesome!

5 Responses to “Our ActiveRecord presentation”

Florin Sabau Says:

Cool, can’t wait to see it (the screencast)!

Darius Damalakas Says:

Screencasts would be great!

kentaromiura Says:

+1 for the screencast!

zuppaman Says:

+ 2 for the screencast :)

Matt Says:

+3 for screencast & +1 for video:0

wonder also if anyone else is going to release anything like screencasts or videos from the show? (if its good i don’t mind paying) :)

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