Off to JAOO’07 in Denmark

September 22nd, 2007

So I’m preparing myself to stay long hours in a plane to Amsterdam and then a couple of hours to get to Denmark. This is not fresh, especially to someone that is not fond of airplanes like me.

Anyway, hope Ayende and I can meet some users and convince people that will be attending on the Enterprise Frameworks track why Castle and .Net are also good choices. I also hope that Ayende and I find the time to screencast our presentations rehearsal and make them available soon.

Wish me a good trip ;-)

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3 Responses to “Off to JAOO’07 in Denmark”

Juliano Says:

Amsterdam??? Pretty cool!
Good luck man and enjoy your trip.

Pedro Teixeira Says:

This seems to be the best conference to attend. I got really motivated to go, but couldn’t even find a flight :/ Hope you guys rock.

And let Castle rule the Kingdom of Denmark!

Jakob Andersen Says:

Im looking very much forward to listen to yours and Oren’s talk at JAOO and sure that a lot of .NET developers need an eye-opener for the great tools you produce. And as a dane im hoping you will enjoy your stay in Denmark :-)

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