Amazon EC2 + S3 + SQS = thrilled programmer

September 4th, 2007

Last week I started in a Java project — yes, you read that right. But it’s not an ordinary Java project, it’s an ambitious platform that will scale like no other by using the top-notch services offered by Amazon.

The Amazon EC2 offers you a way to allocate CPUs! It loads up an image that you made available, process something and shut down. You pay for the time it was up.

Obviously that leads to a very different kind of architecture and a totally different set of problems. Anyhow it’s exciting to get out of the stuff that I’m usually involved with.

Why not .net?

EC2 runs on *nix. Not even sure if a image loaded with windows is possible. Even if it is, I don’t think the cost would be worthwhile.

Why not mono then?

It’s slightly slower than Java and we were concerned about mono maturity. And everyone on the team is comfortable with Java anyways.

It feels good, amazingly

Hey, java is fun! Aside from that, I can work without starting VMWare Fusion, a big plus. Also, if you stick with intellij, after a few tweaks it feels just like Resharper ;-)

Some things feels weird and overly complex, though, like parsing xml documents using xerces. But I quickly realized that the weirdness was the price of an open platform that allows you to plug your favorite xml parser (amongst other pluggable implementations).

This approach is one of the things that makes Java more complex than .Net, but also more compelling for some scenarios. Especially for control-freaks like me.

What IoC container are you going to use

Possibly none. If the need arises, then Pico, or Guice or I can code a MicroKernel for Java 1.5 in my spare time. Should be fun :-D

9 Responses to “Amazon EC2 + S3 + SQS = thrilled programmer”

Pedro Teixeira Says:

uau! very cool!! I once tried to buy some computing power in Sun’s grid, but at that time they wouldn’t sell to Brazil.

I got really curious about what sort of project this is :)

Cao Says:

If you joined in Java project, who can lead Castle/Monorails … sigh.

Pedro Says:

This is a calculator with some estimate how much you can make with them
There is a bunch of links with samples of data… very interesting…

Paolo Corti Says:

Hey Hamilton!
why do you not build a MonoRail (and ActiveRecord) version for Java?
It would have an huge success, at least I would be very much interested in it ;-)

hammett Says:

@Paolo, have you checked Grails?

Nick Parker Says:

Interesting, is this still a project through CastleStronghold?

hammett Says:

@Nick, yes

Fabian Says:


but Java is not faster than mono… not not for me.. much slower I would say….

and Second life runs in Mono, is not inmature!

you should try it again.

chelah Says:

You’re on to EC2, not Java, do you? Let’s shrink Java. Keep coding in .net. If needs arise then convert your .net code to Java using net2java

It can be fun too.

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