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August 22nd, 2007

I’m joining the crowd that says “Javascript don’t suck, you do!” (kudos to this guy, which btw has the funniest blog on .net space). The more I work with it, the more I like it. Some thoughts:


It rocks. Such an active and dynamic community. The documentation could have more samples though. My advice is that you grab the source from their SVN. I learned more reading their test cases than by reading their docs.

jQuery Metadata

Simply beautiful


Got some mixed feelings about it. I’m definitely comfortable with it, but not sure it’s the best JS lib out there.

Castle and Prototype

MonoRail is too coupled with Prototype. I realized that after converting my UI code to jQuery only. One can argue that jQuery can work peacefully with prototype, but I think it loses all its sugar.

We need to fix that.

JS is not for sissies

Some useful references.

12 Responses to “Javascript with jQuery”

Brian Says:

I do agree that removing the Prototype/MonoRail dependency is a good thing. Although I like Prototype for its effectiveness, there are other compelling alternatives out there (jQuery, YUI, etc.), and I hate to think of adding multiple JS libraries to a single web page.

Andrew Hallock Says:

Glad to see you’re coming around :)

You’re probably seen this, but check for some alternate documentation.

Pedro Teixeira Says:

I’m using monorail with prototype and jQuery (just because the only free splitter I found was the jQuery splitter plugin). I liked the jQuery plugins and the, but I had the feeling that prototype was more mature and complete..

Was there a particular reason you decided to abandon prototype over jQuery?

I think Castle already has a nice separation of js when it comes to the validation support. Probably the same can be done for ajax and effects support, right?

Rodrigo Castilho G. Ferreira Says:

I prefer the JQuery + Interface, much more complete, simple and directed.


Diego Guidi Says:

“Javascript don’t suck, you do!”
+1, JS is wonderful but a little hard to manage and understand

Peter Mounce Says:

Awesome to hear it. You’ll almost certainly want to check out , too; it’s a pretty elegant jQuery form-validation plugin.

rod Says:

Maybe prototype library isn’t the best one but it is still rock solid with quite good performance. Here are tests

Of course it would be nice to have monorail not to much coupled with particular JS libraries.

Justice~! Says:

“Javascript doesn’t suck, but you do!” My, that tagline looks familiar!! ;)

Thanks for this post – there’s definitely a lot of interesting stuff to look at in the javascript space. I wish that more people would check that out rather than just point at stuff that abstracts it away and say “Whew! Now I don’t need to learn Javascript!”

hammett Says:

So it was you! I added the credits :-)

knocte Says:

Hey! Have you tried DeanEdward’s libraries? They are really cool because they allow you to use OOP JavaScript without strange syntax. Besides, his libs don’t usually have docs because they are based on standards, like it’s said on:

Another interesting project for avoiding IE hacks:

His blog also is very cool.

Jason Bunting Says:

jQuery is nice, but MochiKit is still my preferred library of choice – I really wish more people would check it out, I think it gets pushed aside because it is more geared towards people that are used to Python (since it uses some Python-based concepts and copies the APIs of some Python tools).

Regardless, it would be nice if a layer of abstraction were provided in MonoRail so that it would be easy to plug in whatever library you want; I don’t want Prototype in my projects. :)

Ollie Says:

Ironic that as a jQuery user new to monorail and prototype, I found this page by googling for “prototype monorail javascript”!

Bring on the jQuery!

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