August 24th, 2007

We have been working with the Visient team since December to deliver an full-fledged multi-tenant platform which happens to be built on top of Castle. It has now reached the second milestone and one of the “tenants” went to production this week:

Albeit you can think it’s a common simple portal web app, it goes far beyond that. To start with nothing there is static content. A powerful CMS was created to allow users and portal manager to have full control over the content and its disposition. While there are existing solutions to Portal/CMS out there, this one is smart enough to aggregate features that target specifics markets, and need to play along with the portal ultimate goal which is to create business opportunities. The platform itself could be packaged and sold as a product due to its enormous potential.

Well, wish I could delve into the gory details, but I’m under a NDA :-)

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Sean Chambers Says:

Nice looking site!

Just FYI, I launched about two weeks ago with an extension of .rails. I found out quickly that certain versions of avast antivirus and other types of spyware blockers will completely block the website if the extension is anything outside of the norm (aspx, jsp etc…)

I posted on the NG, just thought you should know because I saw the extension was .visient

I think it’s atrocious that antivirus programs would completely block a website because it doesnt have a certain set of “acceptable extensions”. The error message my users were actually getting was “.rails is an unkown extention and could be potentially harmful”, something to that effect.

hammett Says:

Those are anti virus in paranoid mode ;-)

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