Got Gears of War

July 7th, 2007

The shop didn’t have many titles, so got their most expensive one (GOW) after some recommendations from the previous post. Cost me about 160 (BRL) which is something like USD$ 75. Reasonable price?

Hey, the game is kinda of fun. Something that really bothers me, for someone who has played Unreal Tournament on PC for years, is aiming with the Xbox control. It doesn’t work. It’s not agile. I miss a mouse or something similar. I’ve played Call of Duty on Nintendo Wii too. It’s better, but really not the same thing. In the end I got so tense that my neck and shoulders were rock solid.

Rhywun mentioned that he likes Wii better. I think Wii is fun, but more like family fun — you have to see my mother playing Wii Sports’ Boxing — but it wasn’t as fun to play alone.

Back to Gears of War, the berserker (or something like that) scene is fantastic!

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3 Responses to “Got Gears of War”

Andy Stopford Says:

It take some getting used to when your used to PC fast kills in games like UR\Quake (and recent titles like Fear). I do find it slower than the PC as you can’t aim as fast but its still heaps of fun. Wait until you get to the 4th chapter, the rocket bow is sooooo much fun (thump…………bang!).

Rhywun Says:

Actually the reason I prefer the Wii is because of the game selection. I don’t like about 90% of the games on the big guys (FPS, sports, driving… yawn). The jury’s still out on the controller… I sometimes prefer the old Gamecube controller–it’s a lot easier to aim at stuff.

C-J Says:

Whatever you do, don’t miss out on playing Gears of War on Xbox Live! It’s a lot more fun than playing the single player campaign, and you’ll have to adopt a different set of tactics against human opponents.

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