Giving Parallels another try

July 5th, 2007

Commenters on Bellware’s post insinuate that Parallels Desktop has a decent virtualization performance. I find it hard to believe, but I’m giving Parallels 3 a new try. To begin with, they could give more trial days.

Windows start up time

Seems the same to me.

VS compilation

Seems slightly better. Emphasis on slightly.

3D acceleration

Tried a PS2 emulator (Silent Hill): didn’t work
Tried Silent Hill 2: didn’t work
Splinter Cell: really didn’t work


The shortcut to launch windows is handy. However it “remembers” the last window mode, so it might bring up the windows start up window to a full screen, forcing a resolution change. Really annoying.

The network bridging seems to affect GoToMeeting. It can’t connect to the network.

Coherence seems better than Unity, though.

In Coherence mode, Command+C/V works. That’s great!

Well, gonna test it some more tomorrow. Real work and two monitors. So far, I’m still leaning towards VMware Fusion.

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Rhywun Says:

I gave up on Parallels. The promised 3D acceleration just doesn’t work. I suspect every game is going to require a dedicated fix, which means they’ll never get around to patching it for the games I actually own. If anyone knows differently I’d be willing to give it another try, but just looking for support on this issue was giving me a migraine…

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