Bootcamp, Parallels and VMware Fusion: performance comparisson

July 5th, 2007

My definitive test: compiling Castle trunk with nant. Just to make it clear, for all tests I started Windows, waited and waited until there was no disk activity whatsoever, and started the build. I also had no open apps on Mac OS aside from Firefox.

Parallels (running in OS window): Total time: 476.2 seconds. 7.93 minutes

VMware Fusion (1 processor): Total time: 449.9 seconds. 7.50 minutes

VMware Fusion (2 processors): Total time: 446.8 seconds. 7.44 minutes

Bootcamp: Total time: 449.8 seconds. 7.50 minutes

I stand corrected, then. At least for my usual tasks there’s no significant difference between bootcamp on its own and a virtualization. But there’s some difference between Parallels and VMware.

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Eric Nicholson Says:

Are you compiling to/from virtual disks or physical disks?

hammett Says:

Physical. They are all accessing the bootcamp partition.

zuppaman Says:

Hey Hammet,

Great post.
I’m using OS X for more than 4 years for my personal stuff.
At my new company it’s possible to get a macbook pro (huray huray).

I’m planning to get one and use bootcamp.
Using Windows at work and OS X at home.

What’s your experience with Visual Studio, MS SQL server ,etc.
Is it really 100% the same than a non apple laptop.

thx in advance.

hammett Says:

Yes, same thing. The only problem I had was with Red-gates products, but that was fixed. Kinda.

Armand du Plessis Says:

Very interesting results, especially the Bootcamped vs virtualized hardware performance. You’d think running on real hardware would be significantly quicker.
Might be some Intel VT optimizations that Fusion/OS X is using that Windows is not.

hammett Says:

Armand, this is not a definitive performance test. Lots of IO involved, so I wouldnt be definitive on that.

Louise Normandin Says:


I found your blog by Googling “BootCamp, VMware-Fusio, Parallels”.

I recently bought a MacBook after being assured that I would be able to run Windows, MS Office, IMSI’s FloorPlan-3D and all my other Windows-based applications.

The store installed BootCamp and VMware-Fusion, Windows XP and all my Windows-based software but I haven’t been able to run any of my old applications other than Firefox.

How does one get into the Windows environment from a MacBook?

I have clicked on the “Windows HD” icon on my desktop, and chosen “Windows” and “Explorer.exe” — but could not actually launch Explorer. Instead, I was presented with a message that said: “There is no default application to open the document ”

I have the same problem when I try to open Windows-based email-attachments…

What should I do now?

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