Almost finished Prey!

July 19th, 2007

Gears of Wars is cool, is fine, difficult to die and all of that… But I can’t stop playing Prey! The plot is cool, the design is fantastic and the monster are awesome. If you haven’t given it a try, borrow a copy!

I’m also considering patching my 360 to run the old Xbox games. There are a few Splinter Cell titles that I havent played, not to mention that those games are much cheaper.

Wendy mentioned Oblivion. I checked the screenshots and movies, looks really cool, but it’s not available here yet. Don’t know whom to blame for this though.

Oh, and I can’t wait to join Xbox Live, but the console is on the TV room, and the internet modem is on the guest bedroom, so for now it’s a no-no. I’m gonna buy the wireless adapter someday, but my next scheduled purchase is another wireless controller. Btw, I should have read this before buying my console. In fact, if I had read that, I wouldn’t have bought a 360 at all. Now I’m like counting the seconds, waiting for the red lights…

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Paolo Corti Says:

Hey Hamilton!
you should seriously consider stop playing and migrating Castle RC2 to the official release :D

Rhywun Says:

Ha, I said you’d enjoy Prey… Oblivion is fantastic too. It kinda works on BootCamp’s Windows partition, but not so well outdoors with a few enemies near. It’s one of the few games that would get me to consider purchasing an Xbox now that I’m not on Windows at home any more. But yikes, that article isn’t encouraging.

Kevin Miller Says:

My worst fears have come true. :)

Andy Stopford Says:

Boxes under a certain age (2005 I think) suffered from a overheating problem that fried either the chip or mostly the motherboard (in some reports melting the solder on the board). Getting it repaired in warranty is a pain (you ring them up, they send you a delivery note, you put the xbox in a box and attach the note, you ring up for a delivery pick up and they collect the box, you wait for the box to be sent back to you with either a repaired console or a new console) but cost free and in most cases even not in warranty MS will fix the console. I had my box over 12 months before the 3 rings of death but after a doing the above its singing again just fine.

hammett Says:

Paolo/Kevin, it’s not like I play twelve hours per day. It’s thirty minutes before going to bed. Relax! :-)

Rhywun, I didnt know they had a PC version. Now those I can download ;-)

Andy, I’m crossing my fingers. If I have to use MS services here in Brazil I’d probably have to take it there with a lawyer to get it fixed.

Wendy Says:

I really enjoyed the Prey demo, it kinda reminded me of Soul Reaver 2, which is one of my favorite games.

We never got to buying a wireless adapter, we dropped a cat5 cable out our office window and down to the 360. Its completely ghetto, but still working :P

Xbox live is worth running wires through windows, down hallways and under carpets! As developers its important to be creative :) hahahha

I have now sent my xbox back 4 times, but I still love the thing.

Rhywun Says:


Yes, I believe Oblivion is originally for the PC. I don’t know how it plays on a console control-wise. But if you get it, don’t expect to play for “30 minutes before bed”…

Christopher Bennage Says:

+1 for Rhywun “30 minutes before bed”. Oblivion is addictive, I’m ashamed of the number of hours I put into it.

Danyal Says:

30 minutes a day
= 3 hours 30 minutes a week
~ 14 hours a month
~ 148 hours a year > 6 days a year!

Come on Hammett you can do RC3 in those 6 days, and on the seventh, rest :)

hammett Says:

Good point! no excuse to be lazy ;-)

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