VMware’s Unity: what a deception

June 15th, 2007

I know this is beta software, I understand that. But c’mon the video looks so promising. Today I gave Unity a try. My findings:

  • Right click doesn’t work!!!
  • Some ghosts from windows desktop shows up on your Mac desktop
  • You can’t drag a window from the main screen to a secondary screen (I use two monitors). Well, you can, but it’s restricted to Windows desktop area

Only used it once, I have to work you know. Gonna try again after a nice reboot and see how it goes. But so far I think that video is deceptive. Very deceptive.

Update: At least the mouse thing can be fixed.

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8 Responses to “VMware’s Unity: what a deception”

Matt Berther Says:

Have you tried Parallels yet?

hammett Says:

Yes, but didn’t like it. Windows seems to run slower on it.

Doug Mayer Says:

You can enable secondary click on a MacBook by going to System Preferences -> Keyboard and Mouse -> Trackpad tab, and check “Place two fingers on trackpad and click button for secondary click”. Then, doing that in the Windows apps will raise a right-click.

I just picked up my little MacBook today and it’s like you said in your previous posts… there’s a lot of re-learning that comes with it. 12 hours though, and nothing to complain of so far!

hammett Says:

Doug, you missed the fact that I’m talking about VMware Unity :-)

Doug Mayer Says:

Nope, I didn’t miss that. After I did that, VMware’s Unity is letting me right-click by putting 2 fingers on the trackpad and clicking. Even though you change the setting in Mac, that’s how VMWare picks it up. Does that not work for you? It works for me in regular windowed mode as well as “Unity”.

hammett Says:

I think I’m very self sufficient in dealing with MacBook’s trackpad :-)

What worked for me was removing the virtual machines folder and recreating the VM settings, as depicted on the support topic link.

Rhywun Says:

Well, Parallels is being no less deceptive in its marketing right now. They released a new version (not beta!) and then I think everyone took off to Apple’s developer conference & the forums are full of furious customers. The new version claims to have support for accelerated 3D graphics–only it doesn’t work at all for the vast majority of people, including me.

hammett Says:

Well, at least I can play Silent Hill 1 using VMware (with 3D accel enabled). I pre-ordered my copy, despite the Unity deception. I think those folks are very responsive in their the forums. And c’mon, $39 is a very nice price for a virtualization software.

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