Parallels’ Coherence vs VMware’s Unity

June 7th, 2007

I dont think videos make a good showcase for products, or at least I don’t “buy it”, I rather try it myself. But, gosh, this video is impressive!

Maybe someday they will also be able to map Mac’s keymap to windows, so I dont have to keep switching it on my brain.

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8 Responses to “Parallels’ Coherence vs VMware’s Unity”

goodwill Says:

Damn I really wanna buy a MacBook. Now.

hammett Says:

You wont regret if you do :-)

while(availableTime>0) { Says:

It´s been a while + Stormwind Reports

I realize it´s been a while since I´ve posted anything. For that I ask for forgiveness for you, my readers

goodwill Says:

Too bad I have a quite new Dell PC Laptop :( Otherwise I think I don’t have to think and just jump in.

goodwill Says:

by the way, anyone ever really used that in real? What is the memory requirement, and does VS2005 runs fine? :)

hammett Says:

I’m using VMFusion since I got my macbook. It’s fine. Anxiously waiting for a new version that comes with Unity, though.

Rhywun Says:

I’ve owned Parallels for a while but have hardly used it. I have little use for Windows at home other than gaming (I only do Windows programming at work :)) and Parallels doesn’t really do gaming except the most basic casual games. Until now, I hear. The just-released version is supposed to support 3D acceleration, which means basically any game should work. I’m anxiously awaiting my promised free upgrade :)


The memory requirement is basically whatever you decide to throw at it. I have 2GB for example, and I assign 512MB to Windows. On the Mac I have Mail, Firefox, Audium (chat), iTerm (terminal), a torrent client, and a few other things open all the time and I don’t notice any slowdown on the Mac side when Parallels is running. Now as we all 512MB is hardly sufficient to run Windows and VS2005… But you can easily assign your virtual machine more RAM. I think you just need a restart.

Simone Says:

I don’t understand which are the differences with Parallels Coherence

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