Off to Panama

April 7th, 2007

For those who are wondering whether I finally gave up and I’m heading to a sunny beach to have a decent vacation, wonder no more. It’s a business trip. No sunny beaches, only lots of drafts and brainstorms. Yeah, I’m off to Panama to meet a client from Canada. That’s what I call globalization!

About the project, obviously I cannot disclose much. I can only say it’s not my first SaaS project, but it’s definitely the most complex one, due to its dynamic nature. Sure it would be fun.

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Console.Write(this.Opinion) Says:

Revista 2a edição

A 2a edição da Revista está nas bancas. Como já falei várias vezes aqui no blog, minha coluna

Adam Says:

Hehe.. wish I’d known you were there .. I was in Panama around those dates on a cruise vacation.. Could have met up for a beer !


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