I’m Mac’ified!

April 10th, 2007

Just wanted a breath of fresh air and to be challenged a little (do you remember the first time you used windows? do you remember the fun of exploring the OS and ordinary apps?). Instead of being challenged only by Vista, why not dive into Mac OS and see what’s going on in worlds other than MS’?

macbook pro

So far, I’m loving it, albeit it’s hard to get used to the keyboard.

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Tomas Restrepo Says:

That looks awfully nice. I’d like to get a mac one of these days, but doesn’t look like it’s going to be anytime soon. That said, my older laptop (a year and a half dell inspiron 6000 which is not a bad machine) is getting paved with kubuntu as soon as feisty fawn is out, as there are a few things I’d like to try there and it will be nice to be able to do some interop testing :)

Tim Connor Says:

Congrats, on the fun times, hammet.

Next thing we know you’ll be telling us you’re doing Ruby on Rails instead of maintaining Castle. ;) I kid, I kid.

Jason Says:

Sweet! Before long, you’ll forget how to use Windows.

Visual Studio on Mac

Steve Says:

Awesome! Welcome to the club. Are you going with BootCamp or Parallels? I started with BootCamp but switched to Parallels because I didn’t like having to reboot to go between OS’s. I’m still trying to configure things the way I want with Parallels.


macournoyer Says:

welcome to the club!

Jason: how you do that Parallels ?

hammett Says:

Steve, I’m using bootcamp and VMware Fusion.

Jason Says:

Steve, the latest version of Parallels let’s you boot a Windows instance in OSX installed via Bootcamp. No need to choose.

Yep. Am running Windows in coherence mode via Parallels. The windows work exactly like you’d expect. Even works with expose’.

Nick Says:

Congrats on trying something new! I switched to a MacBook 6 months ago and I’m loving OSX. I use Parallels for VS2005, and mac for everything else. I tried Fusion and found that the experience just isn’t as “seamless”.

Fabio Kung Says:


Trust me, you will never go back…

hammett Says:

I think I need to give Parallels a try…

Matt Berther Says:

I’ll be looking for tutorials on how to get Monorail up and running with Mono and OSX. :)

Seriously, though… Congratulations. I’m sure that you will love the new machine.

Marcelo Liberato Says:

Welcome aboard dude! Oh, welcome to mono too.

OSX is a real good OS.

ernst naezer Says:

cool machine hammett :) I’ve always liked the way they looked, never owned one :/ How’s Candada?

hammett Says:

hey ernst, I think you should. And btw, I’m in Panama, not Canada ;-)

ernst naezer Says:

doh! :)

Occasional misspellings... Says:

Castle getting even more exposure

Castle getting even more exposure

Rhywun Says:

I use only Mac at home for > 1 year now. Love it. I’ve tried Boot Camp and Parallels (with only moderate success on the latter) but I always wind up deleting Windows because I no longer have any use for it at home. Work, of course, is a different story. No Macs here…

Chad (CS44) Says:

I switched to a MacbookPro when my Dell broke down. I love it! I use VMWare Fusion (beta3) for VS2005 and, as mentioned above, OS X for everything else.

Clients love it!! I’m the M$ guy that uses a Mac, it’s classic hehe.

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