Best place to buy technical books (?)

March 4th, 2007

I just bought four books, intl delivery. I checked on Amazon and Bookpool. Bookpool’s subtotal was about $40 less than Amazon’s, however Amazon shipment wasn’t as expensive as bookpool’s. But in the end, even with the most expensive shipment, Bookpool was cheaper than Amazon by ~$20.

Fatbrain is gone, so aside from Amazon and Bookpool I don’t know where to check for more appealing prices. Any recommendation? Thanks :-)

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Bob Archer Says:

Have you looked into an eBookshelf. Two popular options out there for tech books: (IT Pro collection)

For about the price of one book a month you have access to hundreds if not thousands of books. The search is a great way to research a certain topic too.

There are other options out there too… perhaps other commenters can mention some others that they use.

Brian Says:

I still have my FatBrain bookmark. I can’t find anything else from ten years ago, but that bookmark seems to survive.

BookPool has great prices for some things. So do “used” books (often brand new) from Amazon’s “non-Amazon” sellers — just have to check the shipping costs.

Marcos Torres Says:

I’m pretty sure the place I’ll tell you it’s not the best place, but has intereseting things.
It’s name is . They sold “used or hard to find books” but the most interesting thing is: used books are in pristine condition, sometimes they are new, but marked as used somehow. ie: I bought Applied .NET Framework Programming (with the .NET Framework posters) at 5 us dollars years ago! and It´s new.
The shipping cost it’s the negative, is less than 10 bucks, but they don’t combine items. ETA is around 3 weeks, maybe less in Brazil since I’m in Argentina ;).
Another place you can check is

hammett Says:

Thanks guys.

Marcos, if I lived in Argentina I’d kill myself eating nothing but those Havanna alfajors. Dude, that thing is awesome! I’d spent all my money on it!!!

Marcos Torres Says:

Amen dude, they’re sooooo great…but you can “kill yourself” in Brazil also: .

BTW I highly recommend the Havannet ones:

hammett Says:

Hey Marcos, thanks for the heads-up. I always buy my boxes with a Argentine lady that lives next to my home. I’ll ask her to bring these ‘Havannet’. looks good!!! ;-)

Nick Parker Says:

Another option similar to safari is the digital library on the ACM site. Which books did you get?

hammett Says:

One was about WPF, and the others related to agile practices. I’ll blog about them.

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