The Netron project is now a commercial project

February 3rd, 2007

Netron is/was a really cool graphic library for .net. Now if you go to you are redirected to which has a set of similar tools for different languages.

I have seen this happening to a handful of projects and I really really disapprove this kind of move.

I can promise you that this will never happen to Castle. We, at the Stronghold, might create some fancy stuff and do not release them as open source, but what you see today on the SVN will always be open source, free of charge.

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goodwill Says:

Thats really a great way to commercialize a project, I appreciate it LOL.
Honestly, the biggest betray of people who ever contributed anything. I should file a lawsuit to them if I ever contributed and have the luxury to do so. The source code is not being own by them, since the 1st day when a patch is applied it should be owned by anyone who contributed.

hammett Says:

No, this is incorrect. When you contribute a patch you are granting the ownership to the project.

Alex Henderson Says:

I noticed that quite a while ago, it’s really quite disappointing – if the license allows forking off to create a commercial product (or he got poached by a team developing a similar product and was instructed to cease and desists) then the author should have advertised for new developers and passed the torch on for the development.

Incidentally, there’s also Netron-Reloaded – but that looks like it stalled mid-2006, I tried using it last year, but it needs a little work to make it generally useful (and appears to have stalled in development, with nothing in CVS either).


– Alex

aledeniz Says:

IMVHO the Netron guy needs help, professional one as well.

Here is its blog, the entry of the 1st February is quite an explanation:


codedancer Says:

Open source to commercial, an archaeological survey

Walter Says:

Allow me assure you that Northwoods Software did not commercialize the Netron software. Other than a few posts on the original Netron forum, we have not had any communication with the Netron founder.

We have always had our own .NET diagramming software (GoDiagram) — in fact it was first released at the same time .NET itself was, in February 2002. It’s been quite successful, so we have no need to mess up any open source projects.

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