Apache Labs

November 26th, 2006

The Apache Software Foundation has announced the Apache Labs, a place for Apache committers to experiment with ideas without the need to create a community around it and go through the incubator.

Honestly, I’m sorry it took so long. My original plan was to have Castle as an Apache project, but the project has been refused on the incubator as there wasnt “a strong community around it”. Of course there wasnt, it was only on my head at the time.

The initiative must be applauded, though. I’m sure good things will emerge from those bright minds.

Update: Some people thought I was implying a plan to take Castle to Apache, this is not going to happen. Why?

  • We have infrastructure set up, a migration would be a hassle
  • Castle is moving to a more supportive (commercial) environment. No need to worry about that, it is open source and it will ever be. But more services, a business framework layer and more integrations with VS.Net will be added to the stack by Castle Stronghold, and will not be released as open source and will only be available to our clients. This conflicts with ASF philosophy
  • Last but not least: we use NHibernate, or better we depend on NHibernate. NHibernate is LGPL and ASF wont let a GPL/LGPL lib or source code to come to their repository

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