Long live “Castle Stronghold”

November 1st, 2006

In the past year I’ve been turning down proposals for consultancy and development for companies using (or considering using) Castle to build their applications. Some companies wants to use ActiveRecord, some want to integrate MonoRail with their home-built data access framework, some wants some advice on using Windsor Container on production applications.

Kindly refusing these contracts is not a good thing for Castle as a whole. Each scenario may demonstrate weakness and show how to improve the our project to meet a specific, however shared, situation.

That’s why I decided to start my own company and be able to fulfill those request. Castle Stronghold offers from now support (through annual subscriptions), consulting and development. You can find more details in the company’s web site.

Castle Stronghold was born to lower the adoption risks and to build the skills companies need to build and institutionalize in order to use the project in its plenitude, and to not depend on “key persons”. This is certainly a strong point when adoption is being considered.

What changes on the Castle Project?

The project will basically be funded by the company. In time people will be hired to work on documentation, the code, etc. Expect some substantial quality improvements from now on.

About the community and how the project is driven: nothing changes. Castle Project is open source and will always be. The license is the business friendly Apache Software License 2, and will always be.

More information?

Feel free to contact me through hammett at castlestronghold.com

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8 Responses to “Long live “Castle Stronghold””

Luis Says:


I hope you and the Castle team have a strong success in the new enterprise.

I’m pretty sure that if you people manage the company as good as you build Castle, success is guaranteed.

Best wishes from a Castle fan and incipient evangelist, living in Chile.

Luis Says:

BTW, the links at http://www.castlestronghold.com/home/introducingCastle.castle are pointing to the wrong places at castleproject.org.

Good luck !

Nick Parker Says:

Best of luck hammett!

hammett Says:

Thanks Luis and Nick.

Luis, I hope someday I visit your country, I especially envy Chile’s universities ;-) Seriously, they seem more democratic than brazilian’s

Christopher Bennage Says:

I’m excited for you and for what this means for Castle!

Sean Says:

Congratulations Hammett!

Best of luck with the venture – though I’m sure you wont need it!

Thanks for Castle too, I’m sure you saved my (remaining) sanity.

Martin Jul Says:


We’ve been using Castle in several enterprise projects here in Denmark and it’s absolutely brilliant. It has saved our clients a lot of time and money. Your have a great product so I am confident that you will be successful. I wish you all the best in your new venture.

Martin Jul, Ative.

I am Shawn Carr Says:

CastleProject on the Move

So today Hammet over at CastleProject announced a few things Castle Project Release Candidate 2 is available

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