Castle Project Release Candidate 2 is available

November 1st, 2006

Finally, after a tremendous amount of effort, especially rewriting the documentation and getting the MSI setup right, the new release is ready. A new site is on place too, hope you appreciate how the site maps and breadcrumbs will let you find documentation easily. I’m especially proud of

Check the Download page to grab your copy.

Some awesome achievements I need to mention:

  • Roelof Blom put a lot of effort in the new build system, that was really great
  • Ayende brough the MicroKernel to a new level with the .net generics support, and add some cool things to ActiveRecord
  • Fabio Batista has also put a lot of effort on ActiveRecord
  • All others fixed something here, something there which _is_ valuable

I hope you all enjoy the new release, and rest assured that a new release is going to happen real soon. Hopefully with the brand new and powerful DynamicProxy 2.

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6 Responses to “Castle Project Release Candidate 2 is available”

jesus garza Says:

Does this have any relation to the branch that Ayende announced awhile back?

hammett Says:

No, the ActiveRecord version on this package uses NH 1.0.2

He mentioned a version which is on the trunk, and should be released shortly.

Bitter Coder Says:


I am Shawn Carr Says:

CastleProject on the Move

So today Hammet over at CastleProject announced a few things Castle Project Release Candidate 2 is available

Jay R. Wren - lazy dawg evarlast » Archive » New Castle release candidate Says:

[...] Hammett announced the availability of Castle Project RC2. Go download it and put it to good use! [...]

Ayende @ Blog Says:

Castle Release Candidate 2

Castle Release Candidate 2

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