Changes to Castle Project

October 31st, 2008

I’m happy to announce a few changes that the PMC agreed upon regarding how Castle Project will be led from now on. These changes are long overdue, and intend to fix our release and documentation debts.

Projects will be split

Until now each Castle release was a bundle release. This is good and problematic. Some unstable projects drag the release of stable ones. We lose momentum and everybody’s miserable.

From now on, each project will be a top-level project, having its own release cycle.

Each project will have its leader

We have always had collective ownership, if you’re a committer you can make changes to whatever you want.

One can be more attached to a project than others. We decided that each top-level project should be led by a committer. He should oversee the project in near and long terms, keep the documentation, take care of patches, set goals and roadmaps, seek collaboration and release the bits.

Project list – with leader

Here is a list of the projects and who is leading them:

Main projects

  • ActiveRecord (Markus Zywitza)
  • MonoRail (Ken Egozi)
  • MicroKernel/Windsor (Ayende)


  • DynamicProxy (Jonathon Rossi)
  • NVelocity (Jonathon Rossi)
  • Visual Studio Integration (Jonathon Rossi)


  • ActiveRecordIntegration
  • AutomaticTransactionManagement
  • BatchRegistration (Alex Henderson)
  • db40 Integration (Henry Conceicao)
  • EventWiring (Henry Conceicao)
  • FactorySupport (Alex Henderson)
  • Logging (Alex Henderson)
  • NHibernateIntegration (Tuna Toksöz)
  • Remoting (Henry Conceicao)
  • Startable (Richard Fleming)
  • Synchronize (Craig Neuwirt)
  • TypedFactory (Alex Henderson)
  • Wcf Integration (Craig Neuwirt)


  • Validator (Andrew Hallock)
  • Transaction Services (Ernst Naezer)
  • Logging Services (Ernst Naezer)
  • DictionaryAdapter (Craig Neuwirt)
  • Binder (Ernst Naezer)
  • Email/TemplateEngine
  • Scheduler
  • Pagination (Colin Ramsay)

Notice two things: some of the people are not yet committers – we will see how it goes – and that some projects are still waiting for a leader.

Finally, I think this will bring energy and a bright future to the project as a whole. Exciting times!

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7 Responses to “Changes to Castle Project”

Darius Damalakas Says:

That’s a good thing, IMO.
Congrats for changes!

Ken Egozi Says:

Now I wonder if at some point Castle Project will provide Health Insurance and Pension Plans … :)

Mendelt Siebenga Says:

This looks good. Impressive list of projects by the way with an equally impressive list of names behind them :-)

Colin Jack Says:

Excellent. I was wondering what the plan is where there are dependencies between the projects or on external projects (e.g. NHibernate)?

shanebush Says:

Yay! Thank you to the PMC for this. I know there’ll be some time for the transition to occur, but any thoughts on when release versions of the various projects will be released (not RC’s)?

Gauthier Segay Says:

That’s great news!

On the dependency side, I would like to be able to run the trunk for all projects, and have fixed dependencies for releases.

markw Says:

Any news or updates on the progress of the split/release?

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